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Indian Fashion to Look Forward to this Year
Indian Fashion to Look Forward to this Year
22 nd Jan 2015


What is more exciting than ushering the New Year in or making oodles of New Year resolutions? In fact, what has got us brimming with excitement and giddy like a school girl is, you guessed it right, Fashion! The New Year means a whole bunch of fashion shows, designers coming up with novel or borrowed ideas and concepts. What’s hot and what’s not gets a new definition and we are practically itching to explore and envisage the bountiful plethora of colours, fabrics, designs and designers!

In order to satiate our massive fashion appetite, we did an analysis of the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015. Close your eyes and picture a garden hit by the first bout of spring. See all the pretty colours? Indian Fashion in 2015 is most definitely an amalgamation of all those beautiful colours paired with amazing designs.

Pero by Aneeth Arora

Aneeth Arora’s collection was aptly named ‘Foliage’. Lush green grass acted as a ramp and the whole ambience was that of a clearing in the middle of delightful wilderness. The concept behind his collection was to highlight the fierce, independent woman who isn’t afraid of expressing herself.

 Indian Fashion to Look Forward to this Year - Aneeth Arora wifw ss15

One couldn’t help noticing the elaborate floral headgears and minimal accessories. The real magic lay in the judicious use of comfortable fabrics like cotton, linen, khadi and silk. He stuck to a simple off-white and cream base and adorned it with embroidery and indigenous chikankari. While neon colours are not known for their subtlety, Aneeth Arora creates a milestone in Indian fashion by downplaying them and creating chic outfits. 

The Knot by Hemant and Nandita

Indian Fashion to Look Forward to this Year - Hemant and Nandita wifw ss15

This collection is the perfect example of boho chic and revolves around a more autumn-ish palette. Tribal prints, crop tops, high waist pants, summery hats, fringed dresses and flirty skirts paired with brown wedges is a strangely refreshing sight. One thing is certain: the earthy brown is never out of vogue.

Not So Serious by Pallavi Mohan

Indian Fashion to Look Forward to this Year - Pallavi Mohan wifw ss15

One look at this collection and there is but one conclusion. Sheer is here to stay. Pallavi Mohan has explored the art of sheer fabrics thoroughly and depicted it in the most tasteful way possible. She uses natural colours like white, beige and a very light lemon and fuses them with sheer fabrics. The final outfit is sexy yet demure and extremely elegant.

Nida Mahmood

Indian Fashion to Look Forward to this Year - Nida Mahmood wifw ss15

Nida Mahmood is best known for her eccentricities. In her collection, she opted for a quirky and vintage tea party theme complete with zany headgears, thick rimmed glasses and offbeat prints. A familiar yet much awaited outfit was her signature style: sari draped over jeans. She used bright colours, mostly blues. We are certainly not complaining.

Banks of the Danube by Payal Pratap

Indian Fashion to Look Forward to this Year - Payal Pratap wifw ss15

Payal Pratap’s collection was flawless, perfect, breathtakingly beautiful and absolutely brilliant. While named after the famous European river, it has a certain western charm to it. But the underlying Indian-ness takes over considerably because of the ethnic Indian patterns and the typically Indian slick hairdo. From cinched waists to billowy dresses in a colour palette revolving around cyan, coral, mint green and white, the outfits were a depiction of effortless femininity. T-bar sandals and the statement danglers were the perfect accompaniment.

Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week has only gives us a tiny glimpse of what is to be expected from Indian Fashion in 2015.

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