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Indian Fashion Blog / Stylish Thoughts / Indian Ethnic Wear Can Double Your Next Resort Vacay

Indian Ethnic Wear That Can Double Up For Your Next Resort Vacay
Indian Ethnic Wear That Can Double Up For Your Next Resort Vacay
30 th May 2019

Isn’t it just brilliant to daydream about your next getaway? The feeling of your stresses melting away, as you swing in a hammock or tan on a sunbed while sipping on an iced cold cocktail is one that has instant recall. It’s definitely enough to keep most of us going through the daily grind of attempting a work-life balance. And while the actual holiday might be a long way away, there is absolutely no harm in starting your clothes shopping early.

If you’re attempting to achieve Marie Kondo-esque levels of organization with your packing then it’s never too early to start putting your looks together. We’ve all been in the position of having to forgo some seriously luscious items for the sake of annoying practicalities like baggage weight limitations and lack of luggage space. Obviously the pieces find their way into some other equally worthy occasion. But that slight twinge of sadness at leaving them behind after having spent a small fortune on an entire holiday wardrobe is definitely one anyone would want to avoid.

With that in mind, it’s time to get sorted and have it done with as much efficiency as possible. Traditional Indian clothes might not be your first thought when you think of a sunny resort vacay but some of these tips might surprise you. Modern Indian fashion designers have been expertly fusing Indian textiles, embroideries and weaves with contemporary silhouettes for some time now and the result is some ultra chic traditional Indian clothes. The types that can easily find a spot in the most discerning of closets that also include powerhouse international labels.

If you’ve made it this far you might think there is something a bit weird going on here. What started as an article about holiday clothes has suddenly become about traditional Indian clothes? Don’t worry we haven’t made a massive editing error. It’s right there in the title and we intend to stick to the promise of serving up some totally on-point traditional Indian clothes that can also work brilliantly as your holiday outfits.

Pool Lounging & Beach Bumming

Every resort vacay has hours upon hours spent by the pool and at the beach. It’s the true essence of this kind of a holiday. Water babies might want to spend 24/7 in their swimwear but even they might need to cover up for a bit. Light and slinky cover-ups are almost always the go-to for such situations but how about a dash of glam with some traditional Indian clothes? Pieces with an ethnic print or just a smidge of embroidery can do just that and totally elevate your cover-up game to another level. Make sure your chosen traditional Indian clothes are still lightweight so they dry quickly and aren’t a pain to throw into a beach tote.

Resort Wear | Pool Lounging & Beach Bumming

Pink Asymmetric Dress by TrueBrowns

Blue Printed Skirt by Aida

Manonn Dress by Ash Haute Couture

Easy Breezy Sightseeing

It’s essential to tear yourself away from the pristine waters and pool bar for some cultural immersion and intellectual stimulation. Surely, you don’t want to be that person who went all the way to some exotic locale and never left their all-inclusive resort. Some destinations might not bat an eyelid at tourists walking around in their bathing suits everywhere while others might dictate a little more propriety. Your short-shorts and tanks might have been a no brainer for such trips but how about mixing it up with some traditional Indian clothes? With luxuriously comfortable fabrics like cotton and linen dyed in pretty much every shade and decorated with ethnic prints, there is really no dearth of options. Traditional Indian clothes are also impeccably tailored with designs elements like drapes, belts and pleats making them ideal for the girl who wants to make an impression.

Resort Wear | Easy Breezy Sightseeing 1

Verona Blue Print Kantha Dress by Amortela

The Gypsy Vibe Dress by Knotty Tales

Rayon Printed Jumpsuit by RS By Rippii Sethi

Resort Wear | Easy Breezy Sightseeing 2

Blue Khadi Embroidered Drape Dress by Suman Nathwani Resort By Khyati

Amora by Pable

Navy Blue Jumpsuit by Suman Nathwani Resort By Khyati

Sunset Brunches & BBQs

After a long day of sun bathing and/or exploring the sights, you might want to kick back with a few chilled beers or a glass (read 7) of sangria and watch the sun go down. There is no better way to unwind than with a sunset brunch or BBQ and the events call for a very unique way of dressing. You can’t be totally casual but certainly not over-dressed. What you need is a happy medium, which is quite tricky for most people. Again traditional Indian clothes can actually serve that purpose rather beautifully especially thanks to their vivid colours. Outfits with overlays, layers and slight embroidery in flowing fabrics will certainly make you the belle of the brunch. Remember that sunsets impart a stunning magic light for the most gorgeous pictures and you want to be in your chicest brunch selection for all those Insta stories.

Resort Wear | Sunset Brunches & BBqs 1

Blue Georgette Embroidered Long Dress by RS By Rippii Sethi

Albarella Natural White Dress by Amortela

Maroon Off Shoulder Embroidered Long Dress by Suman Nathwani Resort By Khyati

Resort Wear | Sunset Brunches & BBQs 2

Midnight Blue Cowl Draped Dress by Aakaar By Ankit Sharma

Off Shoulder High Low Smocked Dress by RS By Rippii Sethi

Navy Blue Raffia Embroidered Short Dress by Suman Nathwani Resort By Khyati

Island Style Parties

Time to let your hair down and have the debauchery ensue as you hit a few bars and clubs that are a common fixture at every holiday hot spot. The dress code is decidedly relaxed with an anything-goes kind of attitude that is totally refreshing and relaxing. It means you can ditch those high heels and bodycon dresses so you can enjoy dancing the night away without worrying about aching feet and hemlines riding up. Don’t scratch your head over how to incorporate traditional Indian clothes here cause it’s actually where they truly shine. If you’re really keen on curbing your spending and your luggage weight then you can easily carry forward any of your brunch outfits to island parties. But a true fashionista knows the subtle difference between the two and wouldn’t want to be caught in a style faux pas. Traditional Indian clothes for island style parties are all about darker and richer colours as well as more opulent fabrics. Silks, stretch lycras, gold woven georgettes and jacquards are where it’s at with traditional Indian clothes for summer partying. The silhouettes are certainly more western but do have a touch of draping and layering making them total showstoppers especially when compared to the basic pieces available at the high street.

Resort Wear | Island Style Parties 1

Dark Pink Jumpsuit by Aida

Giva Dhoti Gown by Anita Dongre

Grey Off Shoulder Dress by Aida

Resort Wear | Island Style Parties 2

Asymmetric Reversible Dress by Kanelle

Off Shoulder Printed Dress by RS By Rippii Sethi

Black Evening Dress by Knotty Tales



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