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Indian Designers to Keep an Eye On - Stunning Pieces by Ankur Batra
Indian Designers to Keep an Eye On
31 st Oct 2014

Each year, designers bring about creative and fresh designs with their fashion forward creations. Currently, the Indian designers to keep an eye on due to their stunning collections are Ankur Batra, Jyotsna Tiwari, Sneha Arora, Gaurav Gupta, Jenjum Gadi, Jaya Rathore, Tanya Sharma, Yogesh Choudhary and Atsu Sekoshe.

Delhi based designer, Ankur Batra creates traditional couture pieces with an element of subtlety under his brand Ecru. Ecru is a French word meaning, ‘raw’ and he explains it has a greyish- yellow and brown shade that is used when describing materials like linen and silk in their raw state. His abundant use of diamante and stark cuts are made to accentuate women’s curves. Like other luxury Indian designers, Batra has an affluent clientele since his bridal wear is extremely luxurious and expensive. His designs are rich in embroidery and stones in subdued colours. The designer also has a smaller prét luxury label called Amber.

Indian Designers to Keep an Eye On-Amber and Ecru by Ankur Batra

Jyotsna Tiwari designs beautiful bridal wear. Her designs are characterised by romanticism and she brings this out in the way she dresses each bride in the most exquisite fashion. She brings about an element of mystery to the traditional Indian look. Her expertise over the flow and use of fabrics for her collections giving her pieces a classic yet contemporary feel definitely makes her an Indian designer to keep an eye out on!

Indian Designers to Keep an Eye On-Bridal by Jyotsna Tiwari

NIFT alum, Sneha Arora tells a story through each of her designs. She designs clothes for the urban woman with intricate detailing. She often uses graphic prints on shirts and blazers and believes that beauty can lie in imperfection and thus she always gives an interesting twist to all her designs.

Indian Designers to Keep an Eye On-Graphic Prints by Sneha Arora

Gaurav Gupta is one of other Indian designers known for his magnificent bridal lehengas. His mastery over the three- dimensional embroidery he uses and the different silhouettes that give his pieces a futuristic look, have won him the  ‘The future of Couture’ trophy at the Rome Couture Fashion week. He primarily uses a moon grey and gold palette sometimes mixing Egyptian teals and neon tones to highlight his edgy and distinctive bridal wear.

Indian Designers to Keep an Eye On-Edgy Bridal Wear by Gaurav Gupta

Born in Arunachal Pradesh and claiming to draw most of his inspiration from there, Jenjum Gadi entered the fashion world initially by working with Indian designers like Rohit Bal before launching his own brand GADI. Gadi keeps his designs innovative using new techniques for embroidery, fusing fabrics and experimenting with textures. Gadi’s forte is reworking designs with new dimensional patterns and unconventional layering to creating something that is completely out of the ordinary.

Indian Designers to Keep an Eye On-Innovative Designs by Jenjum Gadi

Kolkata based designer Jaya Rathore is another Indian designer who creates exquisite bridal lehengas. Her mastery over traditional techniques and the use of chiffon, net, organza and ikat materials is prominent through her work where she makes her distinct trademark from other Indian designers by matching these with pastel colours, light metallic and jewel hues. Known for her light and easy to wear clothes, her designs truly have a ‘wow factor’.

Indian Designers to Keep an Eye On-Exquisite Lehengas by Jaya Rathore

Another NIFT alum, Tanya Sharma’s label Gaga has cutting edge modern pieces. Sharma uses an interesting play on sarees with striking prinks and caricatures of her role models. Her outfits perfectly blend ethnic wear with contemporary design and beautiful silhouettes. Her use of bright colours and easy to wear pieces makes her collections uber trendy.

Indian Designers to Keep an Eye On-Gaga by Tanya Sharma

Yogesh Choudhary, under his label, ‘Surendri’ creates pieces for urban women with a penchant for luxury. Choudhary uses lavish fabrics and gives his pieces feminine cuts so that his style is expressive for those women who wear his famous jumpsuits, A- line dresses and swimsuits. He uses a mix of pattern cutting, new surfaces and draping techniques, which give his outfits a completely unconventional look.

Indian Designers to Keep an Eye On-Stylish Dresses by Yogesh Choudhary

Last but not least, Indian designer Atsu Sekhose is becoming popular due to his immaculate hand embroidered pieces. Earlier Sekhose used to create made to order pieces but now designs complete bridal wear as well. He uses Indian techniques such as chikankari in light colours like champagne, lavender and pink. His collection like most of the new Indian designers tastefully blends contemporary and traditional design creating sophisticated and glamorous pieces.

Indian Designers to Keep an Eye On-Stunning Gown by Atsu Sekhose

These nine Indian designers are definitely worth keeping an eye on for their stunning creations!

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