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 Indian Designer Wear Top Picks: Featuring Myoho
Indian Designer Wear Top Picks: Featuring Myoho
17 th Nov 2014


Myoho is the love child of Kiran Jaisinghani and Meghna Agarwal. Their Indian designer wear showcases undeniable essence of Indian culture and with distinct modern western sensibility.

Kiran Jaisinghani and Meghna Agarwal together launched their unique label 'Myoho' after Kiran first graduated with a degree in fashion design from the SNDT University and then with a further degree from London College of Fashion. Meghna then graduated from The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). The two extremely talented women mix their design ideas and ethos to produce a distinguished, casual and organic combination of ready-to-wear garments.

Their artist and minimalistic approach to rich surfaces has made Myoho an extremely established brand over the years with a giant fan following. In 2007, they launched Myoho with a visualisation to change the modern and western sensibility in India. The duo works considerably on the relaxed Indian designer wear and wearability factor of all their collections.

Indian Designer Wear Top Picks: Featuring Myoho catwalk

Myoho designs are easy, relaxed and organic and have a beautiful range of elegant and wearable looks for any occasion. Although the designs have a clear traditional influence, they also have a modern and contemporary twist which creates a very high fashion and up to date appearance.

The latest collection prides itself in its beautifully simple floral motifs that subtly re-create the natural floral and foliage designs that mother nature herself has produced. The predominant Indian designer wear sensibility has been inspired by the astoundingly beautiful aesthetics of Morocco, from which we see the clean cut silhouettes and bold uses of colours like sindoor red, deep blue and slate black – which all come together to create an overall sensation of serenity and casual aesthetics.

Indian Designer Wear Top Picks: Featuring Myoho catwalk

Myoho has a seamless confluence of ethnicity, femininity and subtlety. The garments within the collection are perfect for every occasion due to their easy and organic styles and silhouettes.

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