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Indian Designer Feature - How to Style Sannam Chopra Accessories | Sannam Chopra Medevial Collection on the Catwalk
Indian Designer Feature - How to Style Sannam Chopra Accessories
13 th Feb 2015

Sannam Chopra is a Mumbai based accessories designer who creates contemporary, stylish and easy to wear Indian designer jewellery to suit all styles. Her collections include a variety of accessories including Indian earrings, Indian bracelets, Indian Necklaces - each piece hand-made in India.

The Indian Designer jewellery label by Sannam Chopra employs experienced craftsmen who contribute to the production of their jewellery and fashion accessories. The label comprises of a deep understanding of contemporary trends and offers a vast variety of styles. 

‘Archetype Designs’ is the innovation of both Sannam Chopra and Nelson Coelho, who began in 2006. Their innovative entrepreneurial journey saw the birth of a collection of accessible and stylish adornments. The speciality of Archetype Designs lies in the understanding of women and creating beautiful designs to fit into a variety of seasons, stories, occasions, festivals etc.

Styling statement Indian designer jewellery can be tough - the focus is ultimately on the accessory but you also need to dress to complement the piece you are wearing. We are here to make it a little easier with 3 different ways to style a Sannam Chopra accessory,

This stunning golden mystical necklace by Sanam Chopra features a circular and curved gold polished brass plated pendants accentuated by contrasting blue and antique coloured stones. It has been finished with an appealing leaf motif pendant embellished with blue and antique stones. Make this particular style stand out by layering it over a simple black t-shirt, a pair of tailored trousers and staple black boots for a stylish day outfit.

Polyvore featuring Sannam Chopra Necklace

This chunky necklace by Sannam Chopra makes a strong statement with its metallic accents and bling. It features two rows of brass chains with diamante crystals layered in between. This alluring style sits comfortably across the collarbone and can perfectly dress up a staple winter coat. Team with gold clutch and dark lip for a stunning smart casual look.

Polyvore Featuring Sannam Chopra Necklace

This Sannam Chopra distinctive gold plated necklace makes a dazzling statement. It features a waterfall of sparkling Swarovski crystals and metallic silver and grey crystals. Team it with a simple high neck jumper for an instant glamorous touch.

Polyvore Featuring Sannam Chopra Necklace

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