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Indian Designer Clothes: Colour Coded
Indian Designer Clothes: Colour Coded
08 th Jul 2014


Today, let's play a little game made famous by Karan Johar's bollywood movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai! If I say the word Indian weddings, what are some of the first thoughts that pop into your mind? I bet they are none other than celebration , family gathering and colourful ceremonies ! Every year, relentlessly, all of us have some or the other contribution to the booming wedding industry. It is either getting married or being a part of someone's wedding celebration!

No doubt we celebrate the traditonal Indan wedding by donning heavy designer sarees, bridal lehengas, pathanis suits and bandhgala jackets. However, there are some of us who love the rich hues of traditional vermillion, while there are others who love the shade of sea breeze on them! So, we bring to you some of the most best Indian designer clothes, colour coded  for hassle-free shopping!




It is the most popular colour in a traditional Indian wedding ceremonies, you just can't ignore red! It makes women look radiant and men like a Royal prince, red is the colour of passion which immediately addes the love cupid in the air created a wedding bliss.


Green exudes togetherness because of its balance between two lovely colors blue and yellow. Shades of green beautifully blend with the intricate gold embroidery for the wedding ensemble of the bride as well as the groom.


It is considered to be extremely auspicious. Full of intense energy, wearing a yellow lehenga or a sherwani will make you shine on your wedding day as it is a very bright and gleaming tint. 


A rich hue, orange goes well with warm skin tones rather beautifully. With a majority of traditional Indian embellishments such as brocade, gota, velvet, zari, bandhni etc,it works as the catalyst and makes the wedding attire look magnificient! it is one of those colours which are a must have in an Indian wedding 


What can we say about pink that hasn't already been said? Pink is the colour of fairies and fanatsies and is perfect for colour coding with your partner. There are some breath-taking options available in pink Indian designer clothes. Not only is it absolutely trending right now, but it will also make you look like Barbie and Ken gone Indian!


With more and more Indian designer clothes being made in this colour, there are varied silhouettes available in blue today. Also, with a plethora of options and gorgeous makeup tricks, it has become a lot easier to pair colours ranging from powder blue to navy with warm skin tones. So go on, look like the rulers of oceans today!


White is something we always associate with charismatic Catholic weddings. But how beautifully have our Indian designer clothes adapted to this colour. Making a lot of our dreams come true, traditional white attire makes women look dainty and doll-like, and the men look like the knight in dashing white shining armour!

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