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THE INDIAN DESIGNER - Stylish Thoughts
29 th Jun 2012

Throughout time influence has moved out of India into the world. Making inroads into Western and Middle Eastern Design.

Fascinating the international designer world with a mastered deep rooted heritage Indian designers, as the rest of the world, have moved into new territories. Taking their own Indian instilled design to the world this time, no longer borrowed or diluted.

Luxuriously crafted with the know how and skill gathered over centuries of Maharaja's demands and imagination as well as cultural movements and figures - naming the renowned - Ghandi family. Withstanding all influences that came through powerful colonisation, even if they were strong enough to make way into their surroundings.

Indian craft has defined a language of its own. Keeping its signature, it had in the past secluded itself from its direct reach to the rest of the world. Gaining a coveted profile of distinct authenticity. Today, Indian Designer Fashion is instilled in its way of being, that even if trends and silhouettes are fitting to an international audience. It carries it's story with unique authenticity and glamourous pride.

As the world opens up & the borders between global and local are blurred opportunities arrise to give leading Indian Designers a global platform for a international fashion educated crowd.

Linking east to west takes its natural course to celebrate a fashion movement that is here to stay.

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