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12 th Mar 2012

Designer, Isabelle Mittal progressed further with her label, Izi Atelier and showcased fresh designs which were a continuation of her collection last season. Inspired by Greek as well as Indian wear, the new collection titled, "Love and War" was all about juxtaposition; bringing together polar opposites, structure and drapes. Soft colours such as cotton candy pink, cherry red, ivory white made for a summer friendly colour palette while charcoal black added a hint of sophistication.

Feminine drapes along with the influence of Greek armours, made for interesting silhouettes as the line showcased peplum skirts, eyelet embellished pants, dresses and structured blouses.

Isabelle made use of gold metallic eyelets as well as gold chains on natural, eco-friendly fabrics such as bamboo, Bamberg, chiffon and ahimsa silk to mirror battlefield artillery.

As from the previous season, unique tie and dye techniques were used, this time also introducing chiffon as the main fabric. A spectacular cherry red lexi gown made of non violent chiffon and silk with hand embroidered fringe on the shoulders along with eyelets was the key piece in this collection.

Vibrant and sassy, this collection by Isabelle Mittal will be the talk of the town


Siddharth Arya's collection, "Cosmogene" was a visually stunning representation of human thought and emotion as well as a tribute to technological advances made by mankind. With elements from his previous collection, "Steam Punk", this collection incorporated tribal, futuristic as well as the older steam punk influences.

Silhouettes were heavily structured and contoured the body to intriguing, exaggerating shapes. The line also showcased some of the strong almost avant-garde shoulders, which were seen in the previous season but also toned it down to appeal a wider group of buyers. Printed bodysuits, see through pants, layered dresses, and damask-like robes wowed the audience.

Using digital prints, Siddharth Arya focused more on the detailing of his garments, embellishing them heavily by using springs, pieces of metal, raw jute cords, beads, tassels, shells and even feathers. A number of fabrics were used from silks to lace and gauze for his dresses which also came in a number of digital prints inspired by tribal motifs like tiger stripes.

The colour palette consisted of black, grey and white, while terracotta shades were added for an earthy feel to the collection. Daring and loud, Cosmogene by Siddharth Arya was truly out of this world. Dare to be different.


Kushboo and Prem's label, KHEM's enigmatic collection titled "Beautiful Mess" was a ravishing display of the intense contrast between structured forms and fluid shapes.

Voluminous free flowing dresses with collars and pleated minis were the highlight of the line. Working on an ivory palette, the collection's concept focused on pairing Indian textiles and embroidery with western silhouettes. Rich, soft fabrics such as linen silk, silk crepe, cotton silk, silk georgette gave the line a classy touch and made way on the runway for panelled dresses, kurtas and even a mix of the two. Zardozi hand embroidery, silver and gold pinstripes helped contour the body; while daring cut outs added a hint of spunk to the already energetic and powerful line.

The collection's final design left an impact. Made of 25 metres of fabric and 200 hand tagged panels, Kushboo and Prem presented a breathtaking ivory silk piece which was asymmetrically cut and beautifully embroidered in silver and gold. Not quite a mess but definitely beautiful, this collection was truly a piece of art from Kushboo and Prem.

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