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Actors and Actresses Hairstyles | Iconic Bollywood Hairstyles
Iconic Hairstyles from Bollywood Actors and Actresses
06 th Apr 2016

Bollywood actors are trendsetters! Be it clothes, hair, make-up or lifestyle, they know how to ooze charm and glamour.

It’s not just the young brigade of actors or Gen-X who are being loved for their style but also yesteryear’s superstars and veterans who had their own charisma and glory and their style is talked about even today.

Bollywood stars have created some iconic styles especially hairstyles which are being loved and imitated by the fans with sheer dedication. After all, as they say, ‘Imitation is the best form of flattery’!

Let’s talk about some of the Bollywood hairstyles of both actors and actresses over the years that have made their mark.

Bollywood actors’ Hairstyles

Charismatic Dev Anand

Dev Anand was the epitome of style in the 60’s. The way he used to dress, speak or do his hair, made his fans go wow!  His classic and no-nonsense puffed hairstyle made everyone drool over this wonderful actor. Back then and even today, many men follow his swept back hairstyle and keep it cool just like the very flamboyant Dev Saheb.

Dev Anand | Iconic Bollywood Hairstyles!

Living Legend Amitabh Bachchan

This name needs no introduction! Amitabh Bachchan is among those rare gifted actors who inspire their fans on a daily-basis. Apart from being an actor par-excellence, this superstar made waves with his hairstyle in the 70’s. His long, middle-parted hair with thick sideburns made boys crazy over it and forced them to adopt their favorite superstar’s style.

Amitabh Bachchan | Iconic Bollywood Hairstyles!

Our very own ‘Munnabhai’ Sanjay Dutt

Another crucial name in the list of iconic hairstyles of Bollywood actors is indeed Sanjay Dutt. This extremely talented actor made his debut with super cool hairstyle.  Popularly known as mullet haircut (short at the front and long at the back), Sanjay rocked this look with ease and panache. He was the first Bollywood star to start the trend of long hair and gradually people followed him.

Sanjay Dutt | Iconic Bollywood Hairstyles!

Showman Shammi Kapoor

Shammi Kapoor is synonymous with style and swagger. This veteran actor is known for his excellent acting skills and more for his trendy hairstyle he used to flaunt back then. His ducktail hairstyle with side fringe made him the talk of the town. He was a ladies’ man and made a style statement for all men of his generation.

Shammi Kapoor | Iconic Bollywood Hairstyles!

Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is known for utmost perfection be it in his roles or looks in the movie he is in. He does work hard to create some of the magical stuff and does thorough research and analysis to perfect his part. So, this is what we observed when this exceptional actor flaunted perfectly gelled spikes in the movie Dil Chahta Hai and presented urban chic and looked extremely sophisticated. He looked every bit a stylish young modern guy who represented the youth of today with his hairstyle. Another iconic look he created was that for the movie, Ghajni when the actor didn’t shy away to go bald for the role. Being a style icon, Aamir made his male fans go gaga for his dramatic bald look.

Aamir Khan | Iconic Bollywood Hairstyles!

The Philanthropists’ Salman Khan

He is a superstar, a philanthropist and of course a major style icon. Whatever he does is sure to make headlines. Being loved by people of all ages, Salman Khan truly represents the young and restless generation of India.  And this is what we witnessed when Salman sported long middle-parted hair in the movie Tere Naam in 2003. His look became popular among his fans especially college-goers.

Salman Khan | Iconic Bollywood Hairstyles!

Bollywood actresses’ hairstyles

Stunning Sadhana

Yesteryear’s gorgeous actress Sadhana was a true blue trendsetter as she introduced the famous ‘Sadhana Cut’. She looked extremely stylish and glamorous in her fringe look as she cut short her front hair and let her style do the talking. Inspired from the Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn, the style was nicknamed ‘Sadhana Cut’ and was loved and adopted by Indian women of that era.

Sadhana | Iconic Bollywood Hairstyles!

Bulky Bouffant

There came a time when actresses of the 60’s and 70’s rocked bulky bouffant and puffed up hairdos and looked like true fashionistas. There was a huge craze for this style and every actress be it Sharmila Tagore or Waheeda Rehman sported it with sheer élan.

Bulky Bouffant | Iconic Bollywood Hairstyles!

Sleek and Straight

In the 80’s bulky bouffant was taken over by sleek and straight hair as the actresses wanted something easy, real and normal after a decade of over-the-top bun looks. Straight hair with a side flick was endorsed by the beautiful actresses of that time. The endorsers of this look included Zeenat Aman, Parveen Babi, Poonam Dhillon and many others. They looked chic and glam sporting the classic hairstyle.

Sleek and Straight | Iconic Bollywood Hairstyles!


Bollywood actresses in the late 70’s and early 80’s started a new trend of keeping their long manes tied effortlessly in chic pigtails. Not only did they look pretty but they also started a new trend which was youthful and fresh. Celebrities like timeless Rekha and Neetu Singh were among those who frequently wore their hair in pigtails

Pigtails | Iconic Bollywood Hairstyles!

Frizzy Perm

The 90’s era witnessed actresses in bold new avatars that ditched the innocent plait trend of the previous decade. Now the actresses wanted to experiment with their look and this is how they discovered new hairstyle trend of having frizzy perm and side-swept steps. It wasn't just that they looked beautiful but they represented the new generation with ease. The biggest supporters of this style were Madhuri Dixit, Meenakshi Sheshadri, Pooja Bhatt, Raveena Tandon and many others.

Perm | Iconic Bollywood Hairstyles!

Short Bob

Bollywood actresses never shied away from experimenting with their tresses. And to keep abreast of the growing competition, they chose different looks and hairstyles. One of these was the short bob. Actresses like Manisha Koirala, Preity Zinta, Urmila and even Vidya Balan chopped off their gorgeous manes and still looked nothing less than ravishing.

Short Bob | Iconic Bollywood Hairstyles!

Hair extensions

Gone are the days when actresses used bulky wigs to add glamour to their hair and now hair extensions are preferred. Hair extensions allow Bollywood actresses to get full voluminous hair in a jiffy. Priyanka and Bipasha are the great endorsers of this style.

Hair Extensions | Iconic Bollywood Hairstyles!

Breaking the stereotype with natural curls

Gradually Bollywood had a new face named Kangana Ranuat who with her unconventional look, excellent acting prowess and curly hair made her mark in the industry in a short span of time. When everyone else was going for the straight hair look, she emerged as the fresh face with furiously frizzy and wiry natural curls. She indeed was and is a trendsetter!

Kangana Ranuat | Iconic Bollywood Hairstyles!

Coloured Manes

Nowadays Bollywood actresses love to color their hair from the wide variety of color options available. From red, honey dew and burgundy to blonde, they love to get a tint of color in their tresses. Some prefer little colored highlights while others like a global approach in coloring their hair. Everyone from Kareena Kapoor to Katrina Kaif has tried this trend and are still rocking it.

Coloured Manes | Iconic Bollywood Hairstyles!

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