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Styling Your Indian Tunics Tops - Kurtis and Kaftans | How to style your tunics
How to Style Your Indian Tunic Tops - Kurtis and Kaftans
10 th May 2017

Tunics are every woman’s go-to garment. Stylish, easy-to-go tunic tops look absolutely flattering, no matter how you wear them. Be it a formal function or a casual gathering with your friends and family, there is no occasion that a tunic top can’t adapt to.

What’s best is that you don’t have to worry about your size and shape to wear a tunic top.Tunics are feminine and easy to layer making them worthy of a little extra space in your summer wardrobe.

If you are still skeptical about whether tunics are worth your money and wardrobe space, we are here to help clear all your doubts.

What is a Kurti?

Admit it, the moment you hear the words ‘Indian wear’, Kurti/ Kurta is the first item of clothing that comes to your mind. The word ‘Kurta’ literally means ‘collarless shirt’ in Persian and a kurta worn by women is called a kurti. Essentially, a kurti is an Indian version of a tunic. It is short and falls till below the waist to cover the thighs. Kurtis are mostly worn in the Indian Subcontinent but have gained immense popularity amongst the westerners as well.

Kurtis are extremely comfortable and at the same time trendy. There are plenty of uber stylish looks that can be created using a simple kurti which justifies its popularity across India and abroad. Traditionally it is either worn with a Salwar, Patiala, Dhoti or a Chudidaar pant. However, to keep it stylish and in tune with the fashion trends these days, women now usually wear them with jeans or a palazzo pant or even a long skirt.

What is a Kaftan?

A Kaftan or Caftan is a loose voluminous garment usually worn over another piece of clothing. It has its roots in Ancient Mesopotamia that includes parts of Turkey, Syria and Iraq. A modern day Kaftan can be short, falling down to the hips or a long robe falling down to the ankles. The sleeves of a Kaftan are also loose and flowy.

Today, Kaftans fashion is not just restricted to it being an overcoat. With changing and innovative fashion trends, kaftans are now a part of every woman’s basic wardrobe. They are now worn over stylish leggings, as a substitute to gowns and even as short ethnic dresses. 

How to Style Your Tunic Tops

Here are some funky looks you can create by using your tunic tops!

Tunics with Palazzo Pants

A straight cut ethnic tunic paired with a palazzo pant is the ultimate summer look. It serves dual purposes of being a classy party wear outfit and also a chic summer day look. You could choose a contrasting palazzo shade or go with the same pattern and colour as the tunic. The palazzo pants completely transform a simple tunic top into a stylish outfit that can be adorned by women of any age and shape.

Tunics with Palazzo

Tunic With Jeans

Has a pair of blue denim ever let you down? Never, right? Well, then it won’t come as a surprise that tunics do wonders with jeans as well. Be it a plain kurti or a mid-length young and vibrant printed tunic, anything works with jeans. You could totally become the style queen amongst your peers with this sassy look.

Ripped jeans are the most recent fashion phenomenon and also a great one. A pair of ripped jeans teamed up with a tunic top that falls just above your knees makes for another lovely casual outfit.

Your jeans need not always be blue, you could use different shades like grey, black or even white depending on what colour and kind of tunic you are teaming it up with.

Tunics with jeans

Long Tunics with Skirts

This look, though not exactly easy to pull off, can be adorned for events like informal lunch gatherings or even for a wedding function. You need to make sure that the colour combinations and the length of both, the tunics and the skirt is appropriate.

 A long tunic with a long printed skirt is one way of styling your tunic with a skirt. This look is not just summer specific. A long skirt and a warm tunic will protect you from the winter chills and at the same time make you look graceful.

A heavily embroidered ethnic tunic with a long flowing A-line skirt will give you the unique traditional look and make you stand out from the crowd.

Tunics with skirts


Styling your Kaftans

A kaftan is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing there is and what is fashion if not experimenting. Here are a few ways in which you can look absolutely gorgeous in your Kaftans.

Kaftans as Beachwear

If you are planning a vacation to a place with beautiful beaches this summer then you ought to carry your kaftans!

Grace those beautiful beaches with a short kaftan dress and look absolutely sizzling in it. You can wear your kaftan tops as a dress.  A short flowy Kaftan top is the best beach wear attire you can adorn. There are no colour restrictions; you could wear bold blues or subtle whites, as you please.

Kaftans paired with shorts are also as good an outfit as a dress. If you are too conscious and not comfortable just wearing a dress, you can team your kaftan top with a pair of shorts. These can be above-the-knee-capri shorts or hot shots.  

A cotton or silk kaftan is the right fit for beach wear as these fabrics help to keep your body cool and absorb sweat on hot summer days.

Kaftans as beachwear

Kaftans as Evening Wear

Ditch your normal gowns and wear long Kaftans to your dinner parties instead. A long georgette, satin or silk Kaftan in bold colours like red, orange or blue can make you look absolutely stunning. An ethnic printed kaftan as evening wear has become a rage.

Kaftans as gowns

Kaftans as Jackets

Kaftans are characterized as robe like garments and even though they aren’t used as robes today, they definitely can be used as cool and funky jackets. A beautiful colourful kaftan over a basic tank top will instantly make you look stylish. It can be short or even ankle length depending on what you choose to pair it with. If you want to wear your kaftan jacket over a pair of shorts, an ankle length kaftan is what you need to complete the look. And if it’s jeans or any other full-length pant, you can use the shorter kaftans. You definitely need a kaftan jacket to rock your summer wardrobe.

Kaftans as jackets

Kaftans are already pretty high on the bling factor so it is only sensible to use minimum accessories with them. However, you could accessories the sober ones with funky bracelets and pendants. Keep it simple and classy. Flowy fabrics of long kaftan gowns demand high heels. Stilettos are a perfect fit for such gowns as they add the grace this outfit needs. As for beachwear, go for flat ethnic chappals. Complete your kaftan look with small clutch bags. Since kaftans are large in size, it is better to use smaller accessories and keep it simple and elegant.


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