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How To Style Chokers With Indian Outfits
How To Style Chokers With Indian Outfits
30 th Apr 2018

Everyone knows that the 90s grunge fashion of chokers is back with a vengeance and showing no signs of going anywhere soon. While it might be a new trend for western fashion, chokers have always been a predominant necklace style for ethnic Indian jewellery. In fact there is pictographic proof of several royal ladies wearing the necklace style as far back as the Rajputs. So now you know that Deepika’s massive choker baubles in Padmavat were historically accurate and not just a style statement. It also doesn’t hurt that chokers are so on-point for contemporary fashion as well because it gives us the rare opportunity to invest in neckpieces that are both fashionable and classic.

It’s no secret that chokers look best on long and slender necks so if you weren’t blessed with one then it would be best to steer clear of this necklace style. While a choker can accentuate the face structure on a shapely neck, it can look equally bulky and unflattering on someone with a thicker neck and larger face. Yet another reason to hit those low cal food counters and pull on those sweats for the gym if you plan on rocking a choker.

Genetics and fitness aside, it is also important to style chokers correctly so that your look is chic and modern. As with any necklace style, the neckline shape of your outfit will definitely make a huge difference to the options of jewellery that you can match. Because chokers sit higher on the neck and tend to be more fitted, it’s important to pair them with open necklines that really show off the neckpiece design. This is especially important for Indian outfits because there are literally thousands of neckline shapes for nearly every ethnic ensemble style. Also because even the most basic Indian outfits will have some embroidery and adding too much extra bling will make you look like a crazed fashion victim.

As a general rule of thumb avoid chokers with jackets, collars and closed V or round necks. But for more specific styling ideas read on to find out what necklines will work best to show off your chokers.

Wide Necklines With Thin Straps

This style is hugely trending thanks to Sabyasachi popularizing the vintage inspired pairing. Wide round or square necklines with thin straps leave the neck and chest rather bare so a choker can really pop. The overall look is very reminiscent of the dressing of Indian royals in the 60s and 70s, especially the jet set ladies who wanted to showcase their Indian heritage with a modern spin. If you want to double up on the wow factor then layer your choker with a longer necklace. Keep both neckpieces minimalistic for a modern take on the Mughal inspired style.

Chokers & Indian Outfits | Wide Necklines & Thin Straps

Chokers With Wide Necklines & Thin Straps As Seen On Sridevi & Kangana Ranaut

Strapless Necklines

Just like chokers, strapless necklines have also been extremely popular in the collections of most Indian designers. Strapless necklines and chokers are a match made in fashion heaven since no other neckline shape shows off the bauble at a greater advantage. Depending on your outfit you can go for totally fitted chokers or something with a few hanging pieces at the bottom. Chokers with anything strapless also work to lengthen your torso and draw the eyes up towards your face.

Chokers & Indian Outfits | Strapless Necklines

Chokers With Strapless Necklines As Seen On Sonam Kapoor & Aditi Rao Hydari

High Necklines

This one might seem odd but if done right then chokers can looking totally oomphilicious with high necklines. For standard high necks ensure that the rest of the embroidery is mostly small motifs to avoid looking like there is just too much going on at the top of your outfit. Chokers are also great to wear with high necklines featuring sheer overlays to stealthily hide any stitch lines or for a smattering of extra drama.

Chokers & Indian Outfits | High Necklines

Chokers With High Necklines As Seen On Deepika Padukone & Sonam Kapoor

Over Saree Pallus

A lot of women avoid wearing heavy necklaces over their saree pallus for fear of over-accessorising. But if the saree pallus don’t have embroidery then there is no reason to skip on wearing a choker. This is definitely a statement look and not for those who prefer to keep things simple or for smaller occasions. This style too has a touch of the old world charm especially when pairing traditional woven sarees with bigger layered chokers. Remember when trying this to keep your hair neatly tucked away in an updo to balance out the proportions.

Chokers & Indian Outfits | Over The Pallu

Chokers Worn Over The Saree Pallu As Seen On Anushka Sharma & Deepika Padukone



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