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Radhika Gulati Jumpsuit | How to Rock the Indian Jumpsuit
How to Rock the Indian Jumpsuit
20 th Sep 2016

The jumpsuit is turning out to be a wardrobe staple among fashion forward women these days. It is a garment you can turn to when you want a quick fashion fix and is more versatile than a pair of jeans.

For one, you don’t have to go scouting for what to pair it with. Two, its silhouette is so flattering that just about anybody can carry one off in style. Three, all you need to do is jump into one and step out for a comfortable day outdoors.

Do you need more reasons to embrace the jumpsuit? Options of jumpsuits for women are aplenty today, what with the outfit being designed to take you many places, be it formal or casual. If you are looking to add this beautiful piece of garment in your wardrobe, now is the time to do so! For never before have there been so many designers offering Indian jumpsuits to suit the style and body type of the Indian women.

Here is a look at some popular styles and tips on how to rock the Indian jumpsuit.

Jumpsuit Styles

Jumpsuits are no longer outfits that you would only wear to a party with a retro theme. Modern day jumpsuits are your answer to the need for an effortless and chic silhouette that is both fashionable and graceful. It strikes a perfect balance between gorgeous lines and flattering drapes to give you an outfit that can carry you through an entire day. Based on the style, the jumpsuit can be categorised into various types.

Flared, Full Length Jumpsuits

Flared Jumpsuit | How to Rock an Indian Jumpsuit

These are jumpsuits that have flared, wide legged pants that fall below the ankle. Wearing one is a smart way to look taller and what’s more, you can even pair it with your not-so-great platform or chunky heels - simply because it won’t be visible from under the pants. They are perfect for women with an hourglass figure since they subtly fall over those curves to create a flattering look.

How to Rock the Indian Jumpsuit - Flared Mustard Jumpsuit

An elegantly designed jumpsuit like this mustard number by Swatee Singh is best suited for formal occasions, be it work or an after-work party.

Tapering Ankle Length Jumpsuits

 Tapering Jumpsuit | How to Rock the Indian Jumpsuit

If the flared style is not your cup of tea, try jumpsuits with tapering pants which are fitted at the ankles. The pants can either be tailored to fit like this stylish chekered jumpsuit or be patiala-pants inspired, with pleats like this green number by Rinku Sobti.

Tapering Jumpsuits in Black and Green | How to Rock an Indian Jumpsuit

The pleated design is ideal for women with heavier hips and this eclectic style is designed for a day out with friends or even a party in the evening when styled with the right accessories.

Cropped Jumpsuits

Want something more casual? Wear a jumpsuit that is cropped above the ankles. It is chic, cool and uber stylish.

Cropped Jumpsuit | How to Rock an Indian Jumpsuit

These printed and embroidered jumpsuits by Narendra Kumar epitomise style with their clean lines and smart silhouette. Paired with strappy sandals or even a pair of sneakers, such jumpsuits are just what you need to feel comfortable on a warm summer day.

Slouchy Jumpsuits

Slouchy dressing is a hot trend internationally with celebrities also being spotted in oversized outfits that spell comfort. Designers are not far behind in adapting this trend for Indian jumpsuits and they are covetable for their sheer ease of wear. Since they are oversized, they work well in hiding your problem areas while also giving you a cool vibe that is ‘totally in’ this season.

Slouchy Chic | How to Rock an Indian Jumpsuit

Designed along the slouchy-chic lines, this pewter jumpsuit by Omar Mansoor and two tone draped jumpsuit by Kanelle could become your go-to outfits for times when you are travelling or hitting a hammock to spend the day reading a book. The pop of colour and the drape adds an interesting touch to the outfit.

How to Wear a Jumpsuit

Now that you have seen the different kinds of jumpsuits that you can choose from, according to your body type, here are some tips on how to wear a jumpsuit.

Let it flatter your curves

Despite how fashionable jumpsuits are, it is possible to completely go wrong with its styling and look like a shapeless sack. The easiest way to ensure that a jumpsuit looks on point is to make sure that it flatters at least one of your curves - be it the bust, the waist or the hips.

Wear a Belt | How to Rock an Indian Jumpsuit

Even though Indian jumpsuits are designed for the Indian body type, it is quite possible that they don’t hug any of your curves. A smart way to make such jumpsuits work is to throw in a belt that will cinch the outfit at the waist and accentuate your curves.

Say no to tight fitting jumpsuits

Even though we want the curves to be highlighted, we definitely do not want you to sport a jumpsuit that looks like a bodysuit. So tight fitting Indian jumpsuits are definitely ruled out. Pick a jumpsuit with pleated or drape detailing on the bust or over the waist - this adds to the elegance of the outfit while also making sure that the outfit does not cling onto the body.

Choose the length according to your body

The length of the jumpsuit determines how flattering it looks on you. Some women can carry off the extra long jumpsuit with panache while on some, it looks like a disaster. If you are of a medium build and height, then an ankle length jumpsuit will work well for you. Heavier women can pick Indian jumpsuits with draped pants and a layered bust. If you are svelte or athletic, any kind of jumpsuit will look good on you.

Accessorise Right

All said and done, a jumpsuit can sometimes tend be boring owing to its inherent nature of being a one-piece garment. Designers who make jumpsuits for women often keep in mind the need to break the monotony of the one-piece. But in case your jumpsuit doesn’t have that element, be sure to add some spunk with accessories like a belt, a layered necklace or a chunky cuff - all of which will add an interesting dimension to your ensemble.

Accessorise Right | How to Rock an Indian Jumpsuit

If the jumpsuit is plain, then you definitely need a contrasting belt in metal, fabric or leather. Printed jumpsuits can be paired with a solid sash that will define the waist and also break the print. A solid jacket is another option to take the focus away from busy prints. Sleeveless and off-shoulder styles definitely need a necklace to add some feminine charm.

First Time? Stick to black!

If you are a jumpsuit virgin, then we would recommend that you stick to solids, preferably black. It is hard to go wrong with black Indian jumpsuits for they have a slimming effect and are extremely forgiving. Pair one with a smart jacket and a necklace for work. The same outfit can be worn to a party with chandelier earrings, a shiny cuff and high heels. Once you gain confidence after wearing a black jumpsuit, you can go about experimenting with Indian jumpsuits in varied prints and colours.

Add At Least One Eye Popping Element

The secret to rocking Indian jumpsuits is to pick ensembles that have at least one element that makes people sit up and take notice. A silk or cashmere jumpsuit in cream, white or beige is as sophisticated as jumpsuits get, but wear it with some rose gold jewellery or update it with a pair of red heels and watch the outfit go from great to wow. Similarly, embroidery or embellishments on the bust can add lots of drama and make it the focal point of the outfit. 

Make it Stand Out | How to Rock an Indian Jumpsuit

For jumpsuits that are printed, a cut out in the back or a plunging neckline or even a flattering sash around the waist add an interesting touch which can make the jumpsuit stand out.

Carry it Confidently

Last but not the least, no amount of style can salvage your look if you are unsure about how the outfit looks. Make heads turns when you wear your Indian jumpsuits by accessorising them well, putting your head up and chest out and walking in style - your confidence will make up for anything that the outfit lacks.

Once you get the hang of wearing and styling jumpsuits, it is only a matter of time before you become an expert at rocking an Indian jumpsuits.

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