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Kangana Ranaut, Anushka Sharma, Deepika Pudakone | How to Modernise Traditional Indian Attires
How to Modernise Traditional Indian Attires
24 th May 2016

Traditional Indian attires look gorgeous, but modern young women prefer outfits with an element of surprise. Minimalism and wear-ability are also driving the modern outfit choices.

The embellished traditional Indian attires favoured by our mums and aunts need a touch of modern to make it covetable for the young girls of today.

With this in mind, let’s explore how you can borrow your mum’s traditional Indian attires and make it look very updated and chic to suit your personality.

The Versatile T-shirt

If you think a T-shirt can only be paired with jeans, think again. A T-shirt is the easiest way of adding a modern touch to traditional Indian attires.

Pair a traditional lehenga with a trendy western T-shirt for a fusion look.  For an evening look you can choose an embellished lehenga and jazz it up with jewellery. A simple lehenga with a casual top will work well for a casual day look. Anushka Sharma shows how to rock an Indian lehenga the modern way, by belting it and pairing it with a singlet.

Anushka Sharma In Modern Lehenga | How to Modernise Traditional Indian Attires

A crop top kind of tee can be paired with sarees for an enchanting mix and match look. Kangana Ranaut’s red and white striped blouse paired with a peach saree is a great way to make a contemporary statement.

Kangana Modern Blouse Look | How to Modernise Traditional Indian Attires

The T-shirt can also be paired with wide salwars like Patialas for a modern and comfortable feel. In fact this relaxed combination makes for a great Indian attire when travelling. Kareena Kapoor made this very cool look iconic in her movie Jab We Met!

Salawr With T-shirt and Scarf | How to Modernise Traditional Indian Attires

The Indian Tunic

The Indian kurta and its shorter variation kurti are the most versatile pieces to modernise a traditional Indian attire. Pair it with leggings, palazzos, trousers or even the trending distressed jeans for various looks ranging from informal to professional. The kurta or kurti can also be paired with long skirts and sarees to create exciting modern looks.

Ways To Style Indian Tunics | How to Modernise Traditional Indian Attires

The picture below shows Deepika Padukone sporting the above look as she wears a long Indian style kurta with distressed jeans.

Deepika Padukone In Long Kurta With Distressed Jeans | How to Modernise Traditional Indian Attires

Modernising The Saree

For a fashionista, a saree is the garb that offers multiple options to play with. It can be paired with a western top or T-shirt. A belt can enhance the saree’s modern appeal. Trendy blouses like off-shoulders, tubes, corsets, crop tops and peplums can transform the traditional saree beyond recognition.

Modern Saree Look In Bright Colours | How to Modernise Traditional Indian Attires

The saree can also be draped in unique modern ways to excite the interest of younger audience. It can also be given a slit look with a pair of leggings underneath.

Modern Saree Look With A Slit | How to Modernise Traditional Indian Attires

The Lehenga Makeover

The lehenga can be modernised with trendy tops just like the saree. The top does not have to be a traditional choli. Scour through your western tops and find the perfect match for your traditional lehenga to get a great East meets West ensemble. Even a simple silk blouse or shirt will look breathtaking and chic with an Indian lehenga.

Modern Lehenga Styling | How to Modernise Traditional Indian Attires

Capes And Jackets

Capes and jackets are instant ways of giving a modern look to traditional Indian attires. A trench coat over a saree, a jacket blouse over a lehenga or a caped cascade on Indian silhouettes is a great way of adding western charm to traditional Indian attires. Jackets and capes add an element of interest and transform the sarees, lehengas as well as salwar suits into modern works of art.

Capes and Jackets On Traditional Indian Wear | How to Modernise Traditional Indian Attires

These modernising hacks will make you want to display all your mum's and grandmother's heirlooms with a twist. It is interesting to visualise different takes on the same attire by different generations. With changing times fashion changes, but there is always a great way to display a great attire. 

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