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Beautiful Yellow Salwar Kameez | How to Jazz Up Your Simple Salwaar Kameez
How to Jazz Up Your Simple Salwaar Kameez
19 th Jul 2016

Imagine a simple designer salwaar kameez that you can easily pull off at any event.

Now imagine a gorgeously embellished, extravagant salwaar kameez that is seeping with glamour.

If you have to choose between the two (and price is not a factor), you will definitely steer towards the latter beauty.

However, practically the days of companionship between a heavily embroidered designer salwaar kameez and yourself, will be numbered, as after the function the suit will be tucked away in the dark corners of the closet. Also you will have to think twice before wearing such a memorable salwaar suit again because the number of occasion where it will be appropriate to wear it to will be limited. To sum it all up a subtle designer salwaar kameez will be your best friend forever in reality.

A simple chic salwaar kameez can be carried graciously for any day event. A plain, neutral or solid coloured salwaar kameez is all you need in your wardrobe for various fashion possibilities. There is immense scope to play with the styling of simple salwar kameez to transform it into a bespoke designer salwaar suit when needed.

To up the glamour quotient try these simple hacks!

The Stole Effect

Indian outfits offer the advantage of flaunting the dupatta or the stole. The stoles can be as stylish as you desire. Traditional embellishments or modern hues can transform the look of your simple designer salwaar kameez. The stole can make the salwaar kameez business appropriate or party ready in an instant.

The stunning Benarasi dupatta and the vibrant printed dupatta illustrate the transforming effect that a dupatta can have.

Benarasi Stoles | How to Jazz Up Your Simple Salwaar Kameez

Vibrant printed stole | How to Jazz Up Your Simple Salwaar Kameez

Bejewelled Wonder

A statement necklace is all it takes to elevate the style factor of a plain designer salwaar kameez. The breathtaking kundan necklaces or earrings can be coordinated with salwaar kameezes to get the high street meets royalty look.

Statement Necklace | How to Jazz Up Your Simple Salwaar Kameez

Layer with a Jacket

Jackets are great options to totally transform designer salwaar kameezes into exclusive pieces. The jackets can be bust length, waist length, knee length or ankle length depending upon the proportion of the dramatic look you wish to achieve.

The picture below shows a great jacketed look that will totally create the effect of an effortless designer salwaar kameez.

The Jacketed Look | How to Jazz Up Your Simple Salwaar Kameez

Smart Pants

The kameez need not be paired with the traditional churidars or salwaars. The traditional bottoms can instead give way to modern palazzos of varied lengths, cigarette pants, capris or even ankle length skirts. The simple salwaar kameez can be mixed and matched with various bottoms to create custom trendsetting ensembles.

Trendy Pants to Pair with a Salwaar Kameez | How to Jazz Up Your Simple Salwaar Kameez

Kareena Kapoor epitomises the use of necklace, jacket and palazzo pants to add pizzazz to her plain white shirt kameez.

Kareena Kapoor in a Stunning Salwaar Kameez Look | How to Jazz Up Your Simple Salwaar Kameez

Apart from the above fashion hacks, add trendy shoes and handbags to your designer salwaar kameez look and you will be dressed to kill.

Instead of investing in a heavy and pricey salwaar kameez a subtler option is a wise choice. The only exception to this rule would be when you are the bride. Otherwise you can spread out your fashion budget on choicest jewellery, multiple dupattas, trendy jackets and chic bottoms, so that you can restyle your Salwar Kameez for a variety of outings. 

The simple salwaar kameez also rates highly when it comes to comfort, so stock up your wardrobe with more modest salwaar kameezes and step out in a seemingly new glamorous avatar every time.

Salwaar Kameez is the most versatile Indian attire’, is not an understatement, and the tricks to elevate the outfit’s oomph factor give the statement a deeper meaning. 

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