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How to Create a Diwali Floor Decoration
27 th Oct 2015

Rangoli is an art that is native to India wherein beautiful patterns are created on the floor, usually in the courtyard or on the threshold. Rangoli art is supposed to bring good luck to the house, making rangoli drawing an everyday ritual in traditional homes.

Women clean their courtyards and draw beautiful patterns with rangoli powder on the floor at the crack of the dawn to usher in the day. However, with changing times, rangoli art has become something that is reserved for festivals and auspicious occasions. With Diwali fast approaching, a clever way of doing up your Diwali home decor is to incorporate Diwali ideas into rangoli art. How can you do this? We’ll tell you right here.

Lamps as Adornments on Rangolis

Rangoli with Lamps | How to Create Diwali Floor Decoration

Don’t be deceived by its exquisite looks, for this rangoli design is very easy to put together. While regular rangoli patterns tend to be complex, made of various dots and lines, this rangoli just needs you to be able to draw circles. All you need to do is to draw concentric circles and fill each up with a different colour. Over the colour patches, draw simple petal patterns with white rangoli powder to make the design stand out. To make this rangoli a part of your Diwali home decor, place a multi-tier lamp in the centre and line the edges with individual lamps. Add a few drops of essential oil into the lamps, light up the lamps after sundown and say hello to a striking and fragrant home.

Floral Rangoli with Lamps

Flower Rangoli with Lamps | How to Create Diwali Floor Decoration

Lamps are intrinsic to Diwali home decor. So they are an absolute must have in Diwali rangoli art. If you are looking for Diwali ideas that do not involve having to draw elaborate patterns with rangoli powder or colour, then we suggest you make a rangoli with flowers. Start by placing a shallow brass vessel in the centre and fill it with water. Float some flowers and candles in the vessel. Surround it with rose petals, chrysanthemum and marigold flowers in concentric circles. With this as the centre, draw petals with a piece of chalk and fill the petal design with actual petals from any flowers of your choice. Finally, to add the Diwali touch to it, place lamps or candles around the floral rangoli art.

Make this at the entrance of your home and this will please all your visitors to no end and will bring you plenty of compliments.

Kundan Rangoli

 Kundan Rangoli | How to Create Diwali Floor Decoration

Kundan Rangoli is the latest trend in rangoli art for they can be bought off the shelf and placed on the floor as is, to make every festive occasion special. There was a time when rangoli art was a family activity - all the women of the family sat together to create a beautiful design at the entrance of their home. The goal was to make a design that would outdo those of the neighbours’ and be the best on the street. But today’s time strapped generation wants something that can be put together in a jiffy and kundan rangoli art is the response to exactly that need. Comprising of multiple transparent or colourful sheets in various designs studded with kundan stones in various colours, this rangoli is like a simple jigsaw puzzle that can be arranged on the floor. Absolutely no need of powders, colours or flowers.

You can buy a set or two of kundan rangoli designs and can use them for all your festivals. All you need to do is to wrap them in tissue after use and they will last you a couple of years easily! To make kundan rangoli a part of your Diwali home decor, you can even consider making a pattern in the design of a lamp from scratch, exclusively meant for diwali. From scratch? Are we kidding? Absolutely not! If you dissect a kundan rangoli, you will realise that all that it has is an OHP paper cut in a design with kundan stones stuck over it. Once you get the supplies you need, cut out the sheet in a design of your choice after making markings with a stencil. Pull out your kundan stones and liquid glue and stick the stones on the paper with a tweezer. It takes a couple of hours, yes, but the effort will be worth it. In the end, you can show off your own kundan rangoli design and also use it for years to come.

What’s more, you can decorate your terra cotta lamps with left over kundan beads such that the lamps match the rangoli when they are placed around the rangoli design and add more sparkle to your Diwali home decor.

Dressing up one’s home during Diwali is a matter of joy and pride. A spanking clean home decked up to usher in the festival of light is said to truly attract wealth and happiness. What better way to do up your home during Diwali than with beautiful rangoli art adorned with lamps right at your doorstep? Even if you are creating something simple, try your hand at a rangoli this Diwali. We guarantee that the end result will not just add colour and warmth to your home but will also bring a lot of joy to your family.

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