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03 rd Aug 2012

Marylin Monroe's famous 'Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend' was pure entertainment... Just a hint of a time that is so far away and so long ago or does she have a valid point? What if its taken further than the charm and entertainment factor this saying has given along the years. Point is have you ever looked at so many pieces of fine jewellery and thought, this isn't the right match, well let think about it in Marylin's terms:

if we need to know how to pick our diamonds, we need to understand them first. So here it goes, According to Marylin Monroe, diamonds are her best friend. So before we discuss diamonds, lets talk about 'best friends'. Defining: amongst the typical 'there for me', 'always pick me up'... the list is considerably long, and definitions are extensive, so maybe this will pin things down, How do you determine this best friend?

Personality Match

Style is of the essence, and a true best friend should compliment and lift your (life) style. So if you pick the right diamond, More than carat-age and brand Personality Counts!

Fair Game

A best friend is a giver, an honest and fair one, that gives makes value apparent and real. Know what diamond you pair with, make sure its the real deal. No one like the all talk, all looks deception. Purity is of the essence, that's how you choose your best friend.

Bank on me

You invest time, effort and lots of care for a true best friend, in the future you'll look back with precious memories. Just like you earn your diamonds and keep them, you invest to earn and go on to enjoy the memories of having them on.

A Friend to Keep

Just so, a best friend is cared for, enjoyed, cherished in their own unique way...

So back to Marylin Monroe's saying: Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend, so choose the right one for you.

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