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Highlights From Wills India Fashion Week 2014 Day 3 - 5
Highlights From Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2014 Day 3 - 5
04 th Apr 2014


We saw an amazing array of inventive designs in the first two days of Wills India Fashion Week. From the electrifying splendour of Tarun Tahiliani’s opening show to the seductively shocking designs of Raakesh Agarvwal. We looked forward with avid excitement for the rest of the week and the surprises to come!

Day Three of Wills India Fashion Week was scintillating with Archana Rao’s ‘Frou Frou’ collection which was one of our favourite shows on this day. We were overwhelmed by an intriguing display of fitted and sheer dresses with cinched waists. The looks were soft and wonderfully fresh with subtle colours of peach, soft pinks, nudes and light blues. Each outfit was given more refined grace with elaborate lace patterns.

After Archana Rao’s astounding show at Wills India Fashion Week comprising of subtle shades of pink on beautiful silhouettes, we were then treated to the different but magnificent designs of Satya Paul. This collection was called ‘Icarus’ and the designer had created a clothing line that consisted of an amalgamation of colour blocks and metallic components. Her designs featured glamorous silhouettes covered with fragmented spreads of colour. The clothes on display were either polo necks with long sleeves, shift dresses, trousers or sarees. Her clothing line was textured with patterns inspired by the beauty of everyday activities for example the dripping of a tap or the iron burnt mark on a garment. It was an enthralling show particularly for those who love colour.

Finishing off Day Three of Wills India Fashion Week in style was designer duo Abraham & Thakore. The collection was both innovative and compelling with Khadi fabric and safari uniform styled elegantly with crisp white shirts and waist belts with tunics. The colours were muted beiges, the emphasis being on the structure of the outfits further strengthened by the strong linear motifs decorating some of the designs. Other impressive designs were the coats with intricate detailing and patterns that added intrigue to the simplistic shapes. A particularly stunning outfit was the shirt blouse that looked like a black and white saree.

We started off Day Four ecstatic after seeing Zubair Kirmani’s brilliant show. The designer’s collection was inspired by his hometown of Kashmir. Each garment celebrated the various idiosyncrasies of Kashmir. The designer is known for his detailed designs and in this particular respect he did not let us down. The silhouettes were breathtaking, each item created in Kashmir. The colours were overwhelming with greens, blues, reds, blacks and whites.

The highlight for us on Day Four of Wills India Fashion Week was Siddartha Tytler’s stunning show which burst with colour and luxurious glamour, inspired by the vivid colours of tropical birds amongst trees. He used shades of brown throughout his collection to evoke the trunk of a tree with touches of purples, blues and reds. To add even more drama to the exquisite pieces, the designer incorporated gold sequins, creating dazzling displays through the movement of the models. The collection was exciting because of the colours that danced before the spectator’s eyes through the movements of the models.

The eagerly anticipated show by Anita Dongre, on the last day of Wills India Fashion Week, did not fail to exceed our already very high expectations. The collection was called ‘An Urban Folk Tale.’ She fused a combination of traditional Indian aesthetics with fashionable chic. Her inspiration came from palaces and forts of Rajasthan. The colours she used consisted of a beautiful array of olive, plum, chocolate and indigo contributing to a bohemian feel. She incorporated digital prints of Ikkat onto silhouettes that were relaxed and flowing. The fabrics used were georgettes, chiffons and silk knits.

The grand finale was here before we could even get our bearings. The closing show had been the talking point throughout the Wills India Fashion Week as everyone expected to be bewildered and impressed. This, the designer achieved with incredible panache! Namrata Joshipura’s show was spectacular with dazzling gold metallic gowns enveloped in a rock & roll electronic light show. The designer is known for her magnificent sporty-glamorous clothing and she definitely did not disappoint on this front. Her show started with playsuits and then merged into eveningwear, which was lavish and elegant. Her styles were clean but with touches of warrior style adding metal pieces to the mouth projecting elements of the tribal onto her urban collection.

The Wills India Fashion Week was startling with glamour and allure. We loved being swept away by the eclectic and ravishing designs and look forward to next year’s as we are sure it will be as splendid.



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