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Highlights From Wills Fashion Week 2014 Day 1 - 2
Highlights From Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2014 Day 1 - 2
28 th Mar 2014

We left Lakme Fashion Week on an extreme high after witnessing spectacles of grandeur and brilliance along with designs that left us star struck! With very high expectations we welcomed Wills Fashion Week with open arms willing them to whisk us away with even more Indian splendor, this they did from the very beginning, exceeding our already high expectations.

Opening the Wills Fashion Week was the designer with the most pizazz Tarun Tahiliani. Arriving at the ramp we were immediately stunned by the breathtaking scenery. Electrifying, brightly coloured wheels hung down over the ramp providing a scintillating and textured mood as we waited with baited breath knowing that the show would be a magnificent affair. We were not wrong! The outfits were beautiful, highly decorated with gold finery. His designs featured emperor silhouettes and extensive patterns that adorned jackets with slits, sarees and long asymmetric kurtas. The Showstopper was Shilpa Shetty who looked gorgeous in a layered kanjeevaram lehenga and draped corset.

After an amazing display from Tarun Tahiliani, we were quite surprised and overwhelmed by Raakesh Agarvwal’s show. His collection revolved around dominatrix seduction and featured dramatic designs with leather, chainmail and handcuffs. It was an edgy and yet mesmerizing show using a whole array of dangerous instruments from neck braces to metal arm candy. Raakesh’s collection showcased couture gowns and swimsuits all inspired by S & M bondage, which was both thrilling and alarming at the same time.

Provocative clothing was certainly a running theme throughout Wills Fashion Week with Anupama Dayal’s collection inspired by Kamasutra and called Kama. We were overwhelmed by bursts of colourful frilled lehengas and short sexy cholis bringing together traditional style and drawing on ideas of gracious living. The colours were bold with strong greens and reds emphasizing passion and love. The designer told a beautiful story through the collection about the bride’s desire to seduce her lover. This engaging tale was told through deep necklines and flowy silhouettes. Anupama Dayal used scintillating tassels, pearl embroidery and trims to create an excellent collection.

Day One of Wills Fashion Week was an overwhelming extravaganza of dazzling hues, graceful and sharp silhouettes. Day two was an explosion of style! Our first highlight of the day was the exquisite show from Myoho. Inspired by the subtle hues and alluring styles of Morocco. The models glided down the ramp in sensuous red drapes with long flared maxis. The colours blended majestically with one another for understated and sophisticated looks, the silhouettes were clean and serene adding strength to Myoho’s designs.

Anand Bhushan’s collection at Wills Fashion Week was truly captivating. The show was called Broken and it was a scintillating display of styles drawing on themes of structural composition of DNA strands. Beautiful cris-crossing shapes covered the models bringing out their elegant figures. Delicate beading across tops and dresses provided the impression of strings of chromosomes clinging to the models. The designer used interesting combinations of silver leather with black.

Day Two of Wills Fashion Week ended with an enthralling show by The Woolmark Prize winner, Rahul Mishra. His show was wonderfully captivating mainly because of the incredible patterns adorning his designs. The collection was called The Lotus Effect and had incorporated a beautiful lotus floral print throughout his clothing line. Rahul was inspired by Buddha’s philosophy of the power of the lotus and used this motif to portray the course of the human race. A particular stylistic trait of his that caught our eye was his charming hand embroidery created with merino wool yarn. His woolen detailing provided a charming soft textured look.

The first two days of Wills Fashion Week has revealed why Indian fashion never ceases to amaze and excite us. We have seen innovative and glamorous shows with designs that are truly miraculous! We can’t wait to see what the last few days have in store.


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