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Highlights from Paris Fashion Week 2015
18 th Mar 2015

Paris Fashion Week is currently upon us and has so far been a fashion spectacular not to be missed. What with a plethora of fashion weeks and shows over the past months, it can be hard to keep up with the top fashion moments and highlights, but we’re here to make your life a little easier!

Here are top highlights from Paris Fashion Week:

Kanye Takes Centre Stage

Firstly taking a step away from particular shows and focusing on the man in the current fashion week spotlight; Kanye West. The Foundation Louis Vuitton has in the past been host to a number of art exhibitions and fashion shows alike, but in the past week it was Kanye West who graced the building with the first of a series of special charity concerts that are currently happening throughout the end of Paris Fashion Week.


It’s not generally the norm to see Fast-fashion and high street retailers take part in Paris Fashion Week, but H&M took a step ahead of the rest and began breaking and challenging that rule a number of years ago, which has drawn attention to the current gap between fast fashion and designer labels. H&M uniquely presented their new collection off-calendar at 9 p.m. The extremely popular Stockholm-based retailer showcased its fashion show at the Grand Palais on with the some of world’s biggest models, Kendall Jenner amongst them.

Their stunning show proved that in the fashion industry money may talk, but it certainty can’t buy everything! The enormous show presented a ‘Lost-In-Space’ themed set teamed with very basic but fun hand made silver UFO style vehicles. The clothes covered the full spectrum of trends - from a stand out patterned Roberto Cavalli-style suits in bright orange, to trendy dungarees and stylish oversize turtlenecks.


H&M | Paris Fashion Week 2015 Highlights

Dries Van Noten

Within the current era, casual clothing has been taken to new heights, meaning casual elegance can now often mean wearing Adidas trainers on a swanky date. Dries Van Noten’s collection was a definite highlight as he offered a collection titled  “grounded glamour” at Paris Fashion Week. The stand out message of the impressive show was ultimately that fabrics shouldn’t be stereotyped to particular outfits or trends.

Mr. Van Noten is one of the remaining six Antwerp designers who heaped into a truck back in 1986 and headed towards London Fashion Week, which then landed Antwerp on the map as an inventor of new routes for the fashion industry.

The Paris Fashion Week collection went for deep earthy tones teamed with rich gold-woven jacquard, that worked together perfectly for an elegant sultry look and proved that Khaki can actually make a gorgeous evening look.

Highlights from Paris Fashion week 2015 | Dries Van Noten


Lemaire is currently undergoing a fashion make-over, recently substituting its name from Christophe Lemaire and then announcing that they will now be taking on collections for the fast-fashion favourite Uniqlo. Given the staple, practical nature of the Lemaire brand aesthetic, the challenge shall be to make the garments stand out for their visual aesthetic even when they are not made of luxury fabrics. The Uniqlo apparel for both men and women shall be soon available in stores this fall.

Designed together by Mr. Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran, Lemaire has set out to create their trade make style of wearable, practical clothing, such as clean and crisply lined, minimalist looks that a stylish architect might wear. The stunningly designed outerwear, including their shoes and bags were the stand out pieces for us at Paris Fashion Week, such as the practical but stylish trench coats involving fabric panel inserts that meant the bottom of the jacket flared out elegantly from the hip.

Highlights from Paris Fashion Week 2015 | Lemaire Show


John Galliano quickly proved his constant innovation as he showcased a label that is practically his alter ego! With his unveiling of the Maison Margiela ready to wear collection at Paris Fashion Week, the designer had the guests in awe with clown like models skulking down the runway in slim fitting velvet suit shorts and witchy dresses. The signature Margiela touch came with the loose fitted coats that swung behind the models like backpacks and elegant pinned striped flared tailored trousers. The signature Margiela logo that appears as three simple stitches of white thread, appeared often in the middle of the back of the garment rather than at the traditional nape of the neck.

The fashion industry’s most exclusive editors and top retailers lined up to see Galliano’s exclusive ready-to-wear debut, four years after he was controversially fired from Dior for an incident of drunken racist slurs. Altogether the show was a wacky and wonderful mash up of styles and innovations!

Highlights from Paris Fashion Week 2015 | Margiela Show

Valentino - Zoolander Come Back

Last but certainty not least, the phenomenon that was the Zoolander Paris Fashion Week moment! During the usually calm Valentino show at Paris fashion week, a real-life runway walk-off suddenly took place between popular actors Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. It’s been said that the clever stunt was an official statement for the film's sequel, Zoolander 2, whose release has now been scheduled for February 2016.

The stunt took place just before the finale of the womenswear show was about to happen. All of a sudden Bed Stiller, AKA Derek Zoolander, confidently marched out from one end of the catwalk stage wearing an impressive dark blue silk suit embroidered with coloured butterflies. Followed by Owen Wilson, in character as Hansel, who then strode out from the opposite side of the stage wearing light blue silk printed pyjamas worn with a stylish tailored coat.

The fashion industry instantaneously erupted with admiration on social media for the extremely clever stunt. What a great addition to the fabulous Paris Fashion Week event!

Highlights from Paris Fashion Week 2015 | Zoo Lander Come Back During the Valentino Show

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