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Hairstyles & Necklines: The Awesome Twosome
Hairstyles & Necklines: The Awesome Twosome
03 rd Sep 2017

There is nothing worse than being stumped for hair-spiration when you've painstakingly styled an entire outfit but totally blank on figuring out the hairstyle. It might seem rather trivial but hair enthusiasts know that the right 'do' can totally make or break a look.

There are those who take a one-hairstyle fits-all approach because they're too lazy or too hair tool challenged to do anything else. But with millions of YouTube videos, Pinterest tutorials and hair hack articles at your fingertips there is really no reason to live in hair limbo anymore. 

You don't need to browse away from this article in search of those holy grails to hair expertise just yet. This post is for hair savants and hair newbies alike. Because even though a hairdresser can achieve what you can't, you will still need to have some idea on how to style your tresses to best suit your outfit necklines.

If you still assume it isn't important to consider neckline-flattering hairstyles then it can be explained by mentioning that it's as important as having the right lingerie under your ensemble. It the forms the foundation for fantastic styling and is the one-way street to drool-worthy looks.

We aren’t saying these are the ONLY hairstyle and neckline combinations out there but they’re certainly the most flattering to show off that neckline cut.

1. Hairstyles when Wearing High Neck Styles

Massively trending high neck styles like collars, structured shoulders, racerbacks and chinese collars pose a serious hairstyle conundrum. The neckline is designed to be top heavy on detailing and cut so it would be fashion suicide to cover it up with a down do hairstyle. Center parted braided updos look lovely on all face shapes as you can adjust the width and side of the updo depending on the high neckline.

Teased high poof updos really show off slender faces with sharp jawlines and stunning cheekbones plus work brilliantly with high necklines and low backs. Side braids can also look equally chic if styled correctly especially for faces that are too small for complete updos and for high necklines with textured fabrics rather than embroidery.

Hairstyles & Necklines | High Neck

Hairstyles For High Necklines

2. Hairstyles when Wearing Off Shoulder Dresses

The western wear trend is already permeating into the collections of several Indian designers as the recently concluded fashion weeks saw various versions of this style on the runway. The chilled out boho vibe of this neckline suits down dos perfectly. No woman has ever looked bad in a voluminous blowout and off shoulder necklines with round brush blowdried hair are a match made in fashion heaven. Longer faces can also rock large curls or tousled beachy waves for a very natural yet put together look. Both hairstyles are also great when you’re somewhere where DIYing is the only option. All you need is some texturising spray and your favourite curling tong or flat iron.

Hairstyles & Necklines | Off Shoulder

Hairstyles For Off Shoulder Necklines

3. Hairstyles when Wearing Bardot style Necklines

Extremely similar to off shoulders but not the same is the Bardot neckline which also calls for some shoulder baring action. Bardot necklines are a little bit more risqué as they can be lower and are much more fitted than regular off shoulders. The form-fitting silhouette of this neckline commands attention so it’s best to pair it with simpler hairstyles. Messy Bun updos give an extremely polished look to all face cuts especially if you plan on flaunting some serious bling on your neck. Textured or sleek ponytails with teased crowns are a double whammy for accentuating the bardot neckline on ladies with longer faces and striking collar bones. But if flashing too much skin makes you uncomfortable or if you have a fuller face then go with the classic hairstyle of side parted vintage waves.

Hairstyles & Necklines | Bardot

Hairstyles For Bardot Necklines

4. Hairstyles when Wearing One Shoulder Outfits

One-shoulder necklines are especially challenging and limiting when it comes to possible hairstyles. It’s important to maintain the glamour of the one shoulder without covering it up. Glossy straight hair has had a huge comeback making it a god sent for universally flattering quick and easy styling with this neckline. For those craving something more glamorous there are side parted tight curls. Vary the tightness and length of the curls to suit your own face shape and remember to part on the covered side on the one shoulder neckline. But for those who are much more adventurous and experimental with their hair, a faux hawk with straight or wavy hair paired with this neckline will look seriously edgy and cool.

Hairstyles & Necklines | One Shoulder

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Necklines

5. Hairstyles when Wearing Open or Deep Necklines

Plunging V necks, low round necks, wide square necks and strappy necks are all meant for flaunting some cleavage. It’s imperative to style your hair correctly with open and deep necklines to avoid looking vulgar. A layered in-curl half updo is a timeless style that also works seamlessly with hair accessories. Side parted loose waves are another no brainer when you’re in a rush and stumped for ideas. Both these hairstyles work for all faces and can be adjusted to different lengths and volumes. Again there will be those who want to look extra glam and are not satisfied with the mass appeal of layers and curls. The current trend of top braids with wavy hair is the ideal solution for these people for a modern and uber stylish look.

Hairstyles & Necklines | Open & Deep Necklines

Hairstyles For Open & Deep Necklines




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