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Hair Off: Hollywood V/S Bollywood
01 st Nov 2015

Hollywood and Bollywood are two sides of the same coin of entertainment. As an older more established industry Hollywood has always commanded a certain prestige and snob value. In the past Bollywood has always played catch up to Hollywood and has often been accused of blatant plagiarism in the veil of ‘inspiration’.

These ‘inspired’ copies went unnoticed in the past but the landscape of Hindi cinema has changed dramatically over the last decade with a host of filmmakers creating original, intelligent and slick content dealing with hard-hitting subjects. However the mass appeal and sheer joy of commercial entertainers colloquially described as ‘Bollywood Masala’ movies cannot be compared or beaten. And every commercial entertainer needs a gorgeous leading lady who enthrals the audiences with her impeccably stylish fashion choices.

New age marketing strategies of Bollywood movies also involve intense promotions on television shows and at various events. With so many head to toe looks to be curated it is not uncommon for movie stylists to also style looks for all promotional activities. Every aspect of the look from the clothes and accessories to the hair and makeup is meticulously planned by the stylists with the star’s own inputs. Hairstyles are an integral part of the process of completing any look. Whether the starlet is going for something sassy and modern or down the demure and toned down route the right hairstyle can communicate volumes without a word being uttered.

This level of attention to every minute detail of the star’s personality may have been a Hollywood import but are Bollywood’s talented hairstylists and stunning actresses giving stiff competition to Hollywood’s stalwarts? In true blue knock out style we put two leading ladies and their hairstyle choices from each industry into the ring to see who emerged the style victor.

Round 1: Jennifer Lawrence v/s Deepika Padukone


Jennifer Lawrence vs Deepika Padukone | Hair Off: Hollywood V/S Bollywood


In very similar messy bun updos Jennifer Lawrence and Deepika Padukone clearly have the attitude to pull off the dishevelled look while still making it look ultra chic. The deciding factor however is the perfectly deconstructed volume on Deepika’s crown that compliments her almond eyes and sharp features making her Bollywood hairstyle the clear winner for this round.

Round 2: Charlize Theron v/s Sonam Kapoor


Charlize Theron vs Sonam Kapoor | Hair Off: Hollywood V/S Bollywood


A vintage bob finger wave is an old Hollywood hairdo that few Indian beauties would dare to try. But never one to back down from a fashion challenge and a self confessed lover of old world charm, Sonam Kapoor gives it a go on the red carpet at Cannes. Charlize Theron also favours the finger wave having sported it in various lengths and versions at different events. Although Sonam makes a valiant effort with this hard to pull off hairstyle this round clearly belongs to Charlize Theron who owns the look even when paired with a funky lip colour.

Round 3: Reese Witherspoon v/s Priyanka Chopra


Reese Witherspoon and Priyanka Chopra | Hair Off: Hollywood V/S Bollywood


In the battle of the bangs Reese Witherspoon and Priyanka Chopra go head to head literally and figuratively with their wispy straight bangs. Both wear their hair poker straight keeping the focus on those bangs that cut just above the eyebrows. While Priyanka’s Bollywood hairstyle has a certain spunk to it with her dark hair and dusky complexion there is no denying that Reese’s golden blonde hair, subtle highlights and striking blue eyes make her look like a porcelain doll. This round can be declared a tie, as there can be no winners with hair heavyweights of such calibre.

It seems extremely obvious that Bollywood is fast catching up to Hollywood’s methods and streamlining its act in every way but especially when it comes to fashion. There might even come a time in the not-so-distant future when Bollywood will surpass Hollywood in the style stakes but only if industry ladies take the lead and get more experimental with their style choices. The quintessential Bollywood actress has always been boxed in as slender and fair with long flowing hair but it would be refreshing to see one who chops off her locks in favour of an edgy layered bob or even a faux hawk. 

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