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Genius Clothing Hacks You Never Knew
Genius Clothing Hacks You Never Knew
31 st May 2019

You know that girl who is always poised and dressed to perfection? That girl who never has a hair out of place or a wardrobe emergency? That girl who is so put together all the time that it’s almost unnerving? If you’re reading this then you’re probably not her. That girl probably doesn’t care about clothing hacks cause she plans her life down to the last second. Or maybe that girl already knows about these and doesn’t want to share. But if you know for sure that you’re not that girl but the girl who is always on the hunt for quick fixes then this one is for you.

In fact most of us can’t be that girl and we all need a few tricks up our sleeves for those times when things go south. We’ve all been in those situations. Try as we may life sometimes has a way of getting away from us and we need coping mechanisms. Just a few basic hacks that can save us in a pinch and prevent potential social disasters. Obviously there are all kinds of tips when it comes to fashion but we are dealing specifically with the every day issues. The kind of things that creep up on you out of nowhere and can definitely cause some embarrassment especially when they happen just before something important like a meeting, a date, or an event.

The best bit is that these hacks cost literally nothing and can be easily implemented in pretty much any situation. You also won’t need fancy tools and gizmos for these hacks so there is no need to worry about investing in a hack kit and then carrying it around. Cause wouldn’t that sort of defeat the purpose? Check out a few nifty ideas to keep in mind when in a wardrobe emergency and who knows…….maybe someone out there might start referring to you as ‘That Girl’?

Backcombing Fleece & Faux Fur

Winter coats are a pricey vice and certainly more so when you want to have on-trend pieces every season. The latest in winter coats is ones created from fleece and faux fur. They look ultra chic when compared with their real counterparts without breaking the bank and your conscience so there is no reason not to treat yourself to some faux goodness. The problem is that the material often gets matted and pilled with use. If you want to squeeze a little more wear time from your jackets then gently brush out the kinks with a backcomb. This will not only make the fleece or faux fur fluffy again but will also give it that same sheen as when it was brand new.

Clothing Hacks | Backcombing

Use A Backcomb Brush To Revive Fleece & Faux Fur Jackets

Packing Tape Instead Of A Lint Roller

You might often find yourself needing a lint roller at exactly the same moment that it’s just not handy. Like at the office just before a super important client meeting or before a night out with that cutie you’ve been eyeing forever. Packing tape or even scotch tape works just as brilliantly to get rid of all those ugly fuzzies. In fact some people swear that since tape is stickier than a lint roller it works much better so you might never need one again. You might also want to hoard a stash and keep it handy in a drawer or bag for future use.

Clothing Hacks | Sticky Tape

Use Sticky Tape To Get Rid Of Lint Fuzzies

Pencil Eraser As An Earring Back

It happens to all of us when we’re getting dressed in a hurry. You will inadvertently drop your earring back and then will not be able to find it. Lost earring backs probably end up in the same universe as lost bobby pins and hair ties because they never turn up again. And if you’ve ever looked for an earring back on a thick shaggy carpet then you know it’s a literal needle and hay stack situation. Instead of wasting precious time go look for a pencil with an eraser back. Snap off the eraser and use it as an earring back to keep even the heaviest of statement baubles in place.

Clothing Hacks | Pencil Erasers

Use Pencil Erasers For Earring Backs

Sticky Gel For Runaway Hemlines

Sometimes a dress fits like a glove but tends to rid up or bunch down because of the cut. The same can happen with straps, tops of socks and even silk gloves. The ideal situation is to sew in silicone tape or elastic to the tricky area but a trip to the seamstress or the sewing machine is obviously something for a later time. In cases of time bound fashion emergencies reach for sticky gel instead. The fabric safe version can work with almost anything without damaging your clothes. Pop on a bit in the problem area and give it a few minutes to dry down before checking if things are staying in place.

Clothing Hacks | Sticky Gel

Use Sticky Tape To Keep Hems & Necklines In Place

The Sun – Nature’s Bleaching Agent

If your whites are looking a little rough and dull then it’s time to toss them or save them. Salvage dingy looking whites without dropping cash on bleach by drying them in the sun instead. The only condition is that they need to be wet before you put them out. This will instantly brighten up any dullness and you can feel amazing about not pouring harmful chemicals into the ocean.

Clothing Hacks | The Sun

Use The Natural Bleaching Properties Of The Sun

Pins For Weaving Snags

There is nothing worse than your favourite sweater developing a snag. Plus getting knits fixed can be an expensive proposition depending on when you live. If the weave is not too tight you can take a bobby pin, insert the loose end through it and then pass it back inside. For tighter and finer weaves the same method can work with a safety pin. This trick might not solve the problem forever but will definitely get you through a few more wears.

Clothing Hacks | Pins

Use Pins To Fix Knitwear Snags

Softener Sheets Or Stray Fabrics For Deodorant Streaks

This is another get-ready-quick hack that will save the day if you just don’t have the time for an outfit change. If you mistakenly sprayed deodorant on your clothes instead of your self and left white streaks on your outfit, try rubbing the spot with a softener sheet or another piece of fabric. The idea works like sorcery to get rid of errant fresh deodorant marks but will not work for old stains.

Clothing Hacks | Softener Sheets

Use Softener Sheets Or Fabric Strips To Erase Fresh Deodorant Streaks



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