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Indian Fashion Blog / Stylish Thoughts / Freida Pinto Fashion Cannes 2012

Freida Pinto | Fashion & Cannes 2012
22 nd May 2012

Freida Pinto transforms from soft red carpet beauty to black daring chic and back to soft the different facets of Freida are quite striking - to say the least, she looked good in a different way every time. More so changing the type of style, has almost given us an interesting dimension and snapshots of personalities we can relate to, from the soft and sophisticated to the daring diva and casual girl next door. Then again, all she did was change her outfit.

With some of the most memorable actresses, we generally see a certain style that seems to be repeating itself, whether they are making a short trip to buy some milk or partying at night or going to a formal event. What's striking here is that the brand ambassador for l'Oreal and an indian actress gone to the international center stage, has not 'branded herself with a certain 'style' per say, at least not when it came to cannes 2012, when it comes to Freida Pinto - from the girly seaside and the casual camouflage to the softest lady and finally the rock-and-roll-ish dare devil.

There are two different perspectives that we can take away from this as we conclude our style lesson of the day:
1- Don't stick to one style, changes and transformation will surely keep shocking them.
2- It's amazing how a little colour and silhouette can help transform your personality (or at least how it's perceived)

So think twice the next time something 'new' strikes your interest, stop asking 'it's not me' as much as 'what would I like to be', if you believe it then you can definitely pull it off.

  • Freida Pinto Wearing Black Sequined Dress at Cannes
  • Freida Pinto Wearing a White Dress at Cannes
  • Freida Pinto Wearing a Bow Dress at Cannes

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