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Forgotten Jewel by EINA AHLUWALIA
07 th Mar 2012

"Forgotten Jewel" truly made one overlook their own presence and prevalence as they got so entangled within the web woven by Eina Ahluwalia for her show at the Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2012.

Keeping the attire to a minimal in a nude shade to focus on the majestic aura of her creations, Eina forced her audience to rethink their laid-back approach to jewellery as she bedecked her models with fine filigreed ornamental art.

The show opened with a jewel egg which took centre stage, and set the tone for a surprising and unequivocal dramatic affair. Stunning the audience with its brilliance in the play of lights the egg paved the way for motifs like an eye, monocles which were included into this setting like a performance.

Just as we thought she couldn't surprise us anymore Eina displayed an extravaganza inclusive of a series of small gold eggs cascading on chains of a neckpiece, multi cigarette boxes as pendants and a trellised cage hanging from the pliant neck of the model. Brooches and necklaces in the form of three enamelled eyes hung on thick gold ropes and numerous monocles fashioned statement pieces.

A giant heart pendant handcuffed to the wrists started a story which continued into the next piece with veins and nerves of this organ linked to a chain nonchalantly. Chunks of gold were the centre pieces of gold chains and multi strands of coral depicted the rushing blood in the veins. Accordingly bringing an end to the show was a triple door giant box as pendant attached to the model's wrists.

That day the doors of every collector of fine heirlooms opened to this enamoured creation from the studios of Eina Ahluwalia which could not be tied down with a significant enough applause.

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