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Favourite Indian Bridal Designers from India Bridal Fashion Week 2014 |
Favourite Indian Bridal Designers from India Bridal Fashion Week 2014
07 th Dec 2014

2014 is quickly coming to an end and has left us reminiscing on all the great fashion events we’ve witnessed through-out the year. One that definitely stood out to us is has to be BMW India Bridal Fashion Week (IBFW), it is one of the biggest fashion events in India and known as one of the top four fashion weeks being held in India. It is the most lavish and magnificent fashion week and is held in both Mumbai and Delhi.

The event showcases the top trends and unique designs in bridal couture by all the leading Indian bridal designers. IBFW has quickly become the most desired destination for India’s top Indian bridal designers, luxury lovers, influential personalities, celebrities, trendsetters and film stars.

The popular fashion weeks objective is to showcase leading trends and designs of the forthcoming season by prominent fashion designers. IBFW also delivers a platform for designers to produce outstanding business opportunities.

It was extremely hard to pick our favourite Indian bridal designers from the amazingly talented array of designers and garments that were displayed at the event, but the first designer that stood out to us has to be Gauri & Nainika, who showcased their astounding collection and their new founded love for Hollywood.

As distinctive as you may expect, designer duo Gauri & Nainika’s well known trademark style was stronger than ever at the Bridal Week 2014 runway. An inspirational change from the heavily detailed and embellished lehengas and sarees; their beautiful collection consisted of tightly fitted garments, mini dresses and mermaid style gowns that noticeably have the potential to appeal to a variety of fashion lovers. In regular situations, wearing bridal wear and scuba diving style fabric might be extremely unusual, but in the world of contemporary luxury bridal wear, Indian bridal designers Gauri and Nainika pulled it off with their signature and well known silhouettes – flares, ruffles and sheer fabrics.

Favourite Indian Bridal Designers from India Bridal Fashion Week 2014 | Gauri and Nainika Catwalk

Our second favourite from the Indian bridal designers had to be Suneet Varma. Suneet strives to make the bride feel comfortable and relaxed without missing out on the magnificence that every bride wants to exude, which worked wonders through his intellectual combination of crafts on simple fabrics. In an attempt to innovatively combine the clothing, accessories and the runway, Suneet highlighted ‘Shikhawati’ from Rajasthan, one of the oldest and stunning hand painted cities with rich culture of architecture in the world.

The Suneet Verma bridal couture collection was encrusted with beautiful and extravagant embroidery and colours on luxury velvet garments such as kurtas, tailored jackets and sarees. There was a distinctive focus on classic sweetheart necklines and intricate mirror-work embellishment with bulky gold borders in detailed thread embroidery. The colour pallet included both traditional and unique tones such as fuschia, pastel pinks, burgundy tones, mustard yellow, ivory and stark whites, and deep blues with burnt gold and copper vintage style thread embellishments.

Favourite Indian Bridal Designers from India Bridal Fashion Week 2014 | Sunnet Varma Catwalk

Last but not least, the Indian bridal designers that stood out to us were Faluni and Shane Peacock. Their collection titled, ‘The Bride with an Edge’ was an interesting take on the vintage complete with stunning embellished Biker Jackets.

In contrast to the traditional fairy tail bride look, the modern bride desires to exude both a sexy and elegent look on her big day. Indian bridal designers Falguni & Shane Peacock’s collection created a visual masterpiece through the duo’s trademark and original style - luxury combined with fantasy. The garments reflected their eccentric take on traditional vintage features for bridal styling. Sheer dresses and lehengas with extreme gold detail, define a bride who favours luxury with a stylish edge.

Biker jackets in a variety of colours and quirky prints are essentials people don’t usually associated with bridal wear, but Falguni & Shane use them to their advantage for creating outfits that are contemporary and bold.

Favourite Indian Bridal Designers from India Bridal Fashion Week 2014 | Falguni and Shane Peacock Catwalk

Sources: Klick Fashion

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