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Fashion's Conscience | Lakme Fashion Week August 2015 Edit
Fashion's Conscience - Eco friendly Collections at Lakme Fashion Week
21 st Aug 2015

In a time of eco-awareness across all industries from organic farming to hybrid cars to solar electricity for carbon footprint reduction, the growing impetus on environmentally conscious fashion is a breath of fresh air. Literally!

A quick browse through the designer descriptions of upcoming collections at the Lakme India Fashion Week throws up several names that are embracing organic, natural, raw, ecologically responsible and sustainable fabrics for their creations.

The Lakme India Fashion Week has always been an avid and vociferous supporter of promoting local Indian artisans, indigenous fabrics and homegrown skills and techniques. The move towards supporting the use of environmentally friendly fabrics and design processes seems like a natural progression.

While there is no denying that the Lakme India Fashion Week’s photo journal recounting any edition would be incomplete without its dose of glamorous, intricately embroidered and impeccably crafted masterpieces donned by supermodels and Bollywood stars. It certainly makes for a refreshing change to watch easy-breezy garments tailored from all natural materials sashay down the runway as well.

For those who love stylish clothes but also love the comfort and ease of fuss free fabrics and low maintenance chic, here is a list of participating designers whose upcoming shows are worth the incessant cyber stalking for pictures and mad dash to your favorite online portals and brick and mortar retailers as soon as their collections hit the stores.

1. Anita Dongre

With the relaunch of Grassroot – a craft-based sustainable line of clothing, hangbags and accessories Anita Dongre is no stranger to ethical fashion. The label’s line is eco-conscious, leather free and vegan and aims at providing support to artisans and reviving the handcrafted traditions from India.

Anita’s past collections at the Lakme India Fashion Week have included opulent bridal creations to an organic line made from vegetable dyes and everything in between. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to assume that close on the heels of the relaunch of Grassroot, she might choose to go down the ethical fashion route for this edition. 

Fashion's Conscience - Anita Dongre

2. Doodlage

GenNext’s opening show at this season of Lakme India Fashion Week is eco-fashion label Doodlage founded by Kriti Tula. Doodlage’s brand mantra is ‘Upcycling’.  Kriti uses industrial waste like post production waste, dead stocks and rejected shipments to deconstruct, remake and restyle the leftover cloth into wearable, unique and high street friendly pieces. The label has even created a collaborated collection for FabIndia out of its post-production waste.

From jumpsuits in three different prints to quirky textured waistcoats Doodlage is creating something truly special on the foundation of a sustainable fashion model. In a global climate where the phasing out of fast fashion is gaining momentum it’s forward thinking labels and designers like these who are redefining the future of fashion.

Fashion's Conscience - Doodlage

3. Divya Sheth

Another returning designer Divya Sheth describes her label as Eco-Luxe. One of the strongest designers in the GenNext category in past seasons of the Lakme India Fashion Week, Divya’s design aesthetic is all about flowy silhouettes and a soothing color palette.

Her last collection titled Safari with its natural dye prints set in mellow and minimal tones offset against natural and neutral backgrounds had everyone transported into a world of shamianas, hookahs and sand dunes. Her flair of combining hand printed and painted motifs in rich earthy tones makes her pieces a multi-tasking joy in any wardrobe.  

Fashion's Conscience - Divya Sheth

4. Mayank Anand and Shraddha Nigam

Television actors turned designers Mayank Anand and Shraddha Nigam started their line of womenswear in 2010 with the sole intention of providing support to the artisans and craftsman in India whose small and medium scale industries are crumbling under the onslaught of imported western fabrics and yarns. They will be showcasing a collection aptly titled ‘Textile Brigade’ at the Lakme India Fashion Week this August.

Shraddha and Mayank consider themselves a two-man army tasked with the responsibility of making local weaves and handlooms relevant, wearable and fashionable. Their young brand focuses on ‘Sustainable Luxury’ and is built on the principals of Reduce-Recycle-Reuse-Repurpose and Recreate. They pride themselves in never having used non-Indian fabrics in any of their previous collections and are adamant that their brand philosophy is not a result of natural and organic fabrics trending currently. 

Fashion's Conscience - Mayank Anand and Shraddha Nigam


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