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The Pussycat Dolls in Sarees | Fashionable Sarees - How To Style Your Saree By Event
Fashionable Sarees - How To Style Your Saree By Event
02 nd May 2016

A saree is multiple attires wrapped in one. The same saree can take you through the day and add glamour to your evening events.

Unfortunately though the saree is not favoured by most modern women, absorbed with the fuss-free look.

The young designers play a vital role in making the young women look at the saree as a fashion statement.

Indian designers like Sabyasachi, Ritu Kumar, Neeta Lulla and Manish Malhotra are making fashionable sarees covetable for the Indian women. However fashionable sarees do not have to be restricted for exclusive occasions like Indian weddings. Designers like Anavila, Gauri Khan for Satya Paul and Mandira Bedi are inspiring women to include saree in their daily wardrobe.

Movements like #100SareePact started by 2 Bangalore friends have also helped to encourage Indian women to embrace their elegant attire with love.

Let’s have a look at how you can style your saree for different events. With the ideas below, we hope that we too can inspire you to rock the saree look for any event!

The Day Look

If you are like most women who reserve their sarees for exclusive occasions, it’s time for a revolution. Designers like Sougat Paul offer an amazing range of fashionable sarees that you can carry with panache to your workplace. Sarees can also look very chic for a casual day outing.

To sport a day look, choose a saree with minimal or no embellishments. Monochromes, colour blocks and prints can be preferred over embroidered versions. Fashionable sarees that are organic and handwoven, are great options for work wear.

Pair the fashionable sarees with longer sleeved blouses for the workplace. Collared blouse in neutral tones like black, white or nudes (coordinated with the saree) will help in achieving the professional look.

Day Saree Look | Fashionable Sarees - How To Style Your Saree By Event

Day to Evening

The day saree look can be easily transformed to an evening look with the right blouse and accessories like a great necklace and the right shoes. If you have to attend a cocktail party with business colleagues later in the day, fashionable sarees are perfect attires to make a great impression.

Here is our suggestion to take the day saree look through to the evening:

Day to Evening Look | Fashionable Sarees - How To Style Your Saree By Event

When we talk about evening, the most lavish affair in India is the wedding. Most of the Indian women, even those who are not regulars with the saree prefer to display the six yard fabric for an Indian wedding. If you have witnessed an Indian wedding, you will be aware that the saree is the most common attire across different age groups.

An Indian wedding is usually a three to four day affair and the level of formality for each event changes. The Haldi and Mehendi are supposed to be casual fun gatherings, while the Sangeet and Cocktail party elevate the revelry to luxury. The actual Wedding evening is a traditional affair and the Reception party is a formal introductory evening. Each evening that forms a part of the Indian wedding has its own unwritten dress code (unless specified). Let us help you decode the styling for each Indian wedding event through some of our amazing fashionable sarees.

Haldi Ceremony / Mehendi Ceremony

For Haldi and Mehendi you can choose fashionable sarees with colours that will mask the stains and will go with the theme of the event. Since it is a casual affair one can get creative with the saree drapes by opting for dhoti sarees or pre-draped fashionable sarees which are not elaborately decorated.

Sarees for Haldi and Mehendi | Fashionable Sarees - How To Style Your Saree By Event

Sangeet Ceremony

A dressy saree will do justice to a dazzling event like Sangeet. The Sangeet also calls for lot of dancing and merry making. Choosing fashionable sarees that will let you shake a leg with ease would be the right choice. A draped saree will give you the benefit of not worrying about the saree coming off while you are having a great time. Furthermore, the dhoti silhouette will offer you unrestricted leg movement. The jacketed top and skirt style drape saree would also make for a lovely choice for Sangeet. Here are our style suggestions for Sangeet.

Sarees for Sangeet | Fashionable Sarees - How To Style Your Saree By Event

Cocktail Party

At a cocktail party traditions are kept at bay, so you can opt for a chic drape saree for a fashion forward statement. Cocktail parties welcome western outfits like gowns, so fashionable sarees that are styled with western tops like off shoulders or tubes will make a great impact. The drape sarees in western silhouettes will save you the efforts of styling the drapes and also give an instant striking look.

Sarees for Cocktail Parties | Fashionable Sarees - How To Style Your Saree By Event

The Wedding

The actual wedding follows traditions and most of the Indian brides dress up in traditionally styled sarees depending upon their ethnicity. The traditional styles include Maharashtrian style, Gujarati style, Bengali style, conventional Nivi style saree and others. The brides also prefer traditional colours like red, green or ivory with gold embellishments. Whatever style you prefer, our choicest collection will help you honour traditions with style.

Wedding Appropriate Sarees | Fashionable Sarees - How To Style Your Saree By Event

You can also style the fashionable sarees with traditional drapes like below:

Traditional Saree Drapes for Weddings | Fashionable Sarees - How To Style Your Saree By Event

Reception Party

The saree can become a great outfit to make an ultimate display of style and elegance at the reception party. The reception is a formal get together of guests with an opportunity to mingle. A highly embellished saree or a uniquely styled drape saree with a jacket will offer the perfect formal party look. You can also choose a saree gown for a stylish reception evening.

Reception Appropriate Sarees | Fashionable Sarees - How To Style Your Saree By Event

Barring the wedding and casual events like Haldi and Mehendi, you can style your saree in a highly fashionable manner. To nail the look, here are some trendy options to style the saree for Sangeet, a cocktail party and reception party.

Trendy Saree Drapes 1 | Fashionable Sarees - How To Style Your Saree By Event

Trendy Saree Drapes 2 | Fashionable Sarees - How To Style Your Saree By Event

The fashionable sarees can be paired with tunics, crop-tops or jackets. The Dhoti style saree is a great way to get the red carpet kind of attention. Partially draped saree with leggings and pants underneath is another great style statement.

Remember, just belting up the saree makes a world of difference to the traditional garb and transforms the look to a contemporary one!

Every Indian woman loves to hoard fashionable sarees irrespective of their wearing habits. If you are such a saree fanatic it is time to bring the beauties out as there is no event where the saree is not appropriate. Just focus on the outlook of the saree, whether it is subtle or attention grabbing, to make it work right for the event. Also colour coordination is the key....and you can never go wrong with a saree.

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