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Fashion Tips: How to Survive a British Summer | Rainy Summers
Fashion Tips: How to Survive a British Summer
27 th Jun 2015

Although summer is now here, don't put all your hopes into a sunny summer just yet! Yes, there's been a few hot days so far and there is a potential heat wave approaching (so they say), but as everyone in the UK sadly knows, one week we will have full sunshine and the next it could be raining for the week! This often come’s with many the wardrobe conundrum of being caught in the rain in sandals, or being upset that you haven’t had your legs out enough over the summer period.

So the main question is, how do we prepare for the schizophrenic weather of a British summer? Here are our top tips!

Risky business

So our fist top tip is more of a warning, make sure you check the weather forecast before strapping up you sandals and painting your toenails. The worst fashion blunder is being caught in the rain with your best summer sandals on, especially as this could mean popping them in the bin due a rain mudslide.

This also goes for your beloved summer dress that you have been waiting to wear for the best part of the year. All though it isn’t too much of a disaster if you miss judge the weather and end up in a dress in the rain, it could lead to you feeling very cold and under dressed. So the big tip from on for this problem is ultimately check the weather before you step out the door!


A great fashion tip for bipolar weather is the age-old tip of layers. By layering up a number of light layers, you’re not only prepared and protected if the weather turns out not so great, but you can always strip down to the one compulsory layer if needed. For example, layer a light jacket over a summer dress, and then a light jacket over the top of your cardigan. The only down side to this tip is that you may end up having to lug around a few of your layers if they take a turn for the better, but if you bring a big enough bag, then problem sorted!  

Light jackets

This then leads to our next tip of light jackets. That transitional ‘not warm enough for winter weather’ jacket that you bought back in the spring time, dig it out of your wardrobe, as it’s perfect for the weather that can’t make up it’s mind. On the particularly cooler days, you end with a good balance of not feeling like you’re dressed for autumn/winter, but will be covered up enough not to get a cold!

Fashion Tips: How to Survive a British Summer | Light Jackets


Last but not least, the almighty fedora hat! Perfect for all weather occasions, whether it’s scorching hot of freezing cold, the fedora is a great investment that you will end up wearing all year round.

Fashion Tips: How to Survive a British Summer | Fedora Hats

The main tip of all is not to be to disheartened by the British summertime, as long as you have a pair sunglasses and a handy pocket sized umbrella then, you are sorted!

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