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Fashion Hits & Misses From The Filmfare Awards 2018
Fashion Hits & Misses From The Filmfare Awards 2018
02 nd Feb 2018

The 63rd Annual Filmfare Awards took place on 19th January 2018, but it wasn’t a live telecast event like a lot of other award shows. So while we wait for the night to be aired on our television screens, we can take an opportunity to critique the winners, performances and obviously the fashion.

As the oldest awards in the country, the Filmfare Awards do hold a special significance for old school Bollywood fans. They pride themselves in honouring those who truly deserve the merit of their awards rather than those who are big stars. Mediocre performances just don’t cut it for the discerning jury at Filmfare, making the award highly prestigious and coveted.

However the Filmfare too has received its fair share of flak from true connoisseurs of Hindi cinema for following suit in the star struck trail of the various other award shows. In response to the accusations of selling out, Filmfare promptly introduced Critic’s Choice Awards to acknowledge lesser-known lower budget movies. The step did little to appease the snobs as there were further debates on doing away with the new category all together.

Regardless, this year’s list of winners proves beyond a doubt that the Filmfare Awards are still committed to upholding their own exacting standards, by rewarding truly worthy work, irrespective of box office collections. Hindi Medium, a small budget movie with a strong social message, bagged the Best Film award. Irrfan Khan won the Best Actor award for his portrayal of the protagonist of the same film. Vidya Balan walked away with the Best Actress award for yet another offbeat pocket friendly movie called Tumhari Sulu.

The awards may have gone to smaller stars but that doesn’t mean that Bollywood’s mega stars were twiddling their thumbs. Scintillating performances by Shahrukh Khan, Ranveer Singh, Akshay Kumar, Parineeti Chopra and Ayushmann Khurana among others, left the audience gasping for more and the rest of us eagerly awaiting the television release of the event.

Moving onto the red carpet fashions, there were plenty of surprises on that front as well. The usual style heavy hitters were absolute duds while some very unlikely names emerged as amongst the best dressed. Read on to find out the curious revelations of who ruled and who looked like a fool at the mega event.

Best Dressed

The best-dressed list features some refreshing new names and it’s definitely a positive sign for Indian fashion’s influence amongst more stars.

Manushi Chillar

The reigning Miss World graced the occasion to probably shake a few hands and smooze the right people for a possible Bollywood debut. She even did a jig with Shahrukh Khan and Ranveer Singh. The beauty queen wore a scarlet red voluminous asymmetrical gown by Sonaakshi Raj. And ofcourse her stunning crown as the best accessory. 

Filmfare Awards 2018 | Manushi Chillar

Manushi Chillar At The Filmfare Awards 2018

Parineeti Chopra

There is volume and then there is the flare on Parineeti Chopra’s princess inspired ball gown. The metallic embroidered off shoulder outfit by Kujta & Meri is easily one of the best looks so far by Parineeti.

Filmfare Awards 2018 | Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti Chopra At The Filmfare Awards 2018

Alia Bhatt

Flares seemed to be the flavour of the day as Alia Bhatt also went down that route with her layered tulle Monsoori gown in pastel lilac. The experimental choice was condemned and celebrated in equal measure but Alia gets major props for pulling it off.  

Filmfare Awards 2018 | Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt At The Filmfare Awards 2018

Diana Penty

Giving an architectural spin to basic flared gowns was Diana Penty in her blush pink Gaurav Gupta creation. The one shoulder gown struck a seamless balance between fitted and dramatic, making it one of the best (and most photographed) looks of the night. 

Filmfare Awards 2018 | Diana Penty

Diana Penty At The Filmfare Awards 2018

Athiya Shetty

The towering lissome lass didn’t side step the flare trend altogether but paid homage to it with a mermaid cut. The Tarek Sinno gown with ruffle sleeves and sparkly accents definitely made everyone sit up and pay attention to the emerging starlet. 

Filmfare Awards 2018 | Athiya Shetty

Athiya Shetty At The Filmfare Awards 2018

Rajkummar Rao

Leading the pack for the gentlemen was Rajkummar Rao who took a cue from Hollywood and went with the classic choice of a Giorgio Armani suit for the red carpet.  The accomplished actor also walked away with two awards for his nuanced performances. 

Filmfare Awards 2018 | Rajkummar Rao

Rajkummar Rao At The Filmfare Awards 2018

Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor seems to be on a Gaurav Gupta kick lately as he chose the designer to dress him once again, very shortly after the ace look at the HT Most Stylish Awards 2018. All white is definitely hard look to pull off but Shahid does it effortlessly. 

Filmfare Awards 2018 | Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor At The Filmfare Awards 2018

Arjun Kapoor

It wasn’t all suits at the event as proven by Arjun Kapoor with his Indo-western ensemble. Working a contemporary Indian look in an olive green band jacket worn over a black draped sherwani, Arjun’s look is serious #sangeetgoals for all future grooms out there. 

Filmfare Awards 2018 | Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor At The Filmfare Awards 2018

Worst Dressed

The worst-dressed list definitely had some curve balls with some unexpected names being featured on it. Here’s hoping our favourite Bollywood fashionistas were simply having an off day and will be back to their uber chic selves real soon.

Sonam Kapoor

Yes, we weren’t kidding about those shockers on this list and Sonam Kapoor’s name is the biggest surprise for her legions of fans. Waist-up her Vera Wang look was haute couture at its best but the awkward length of the trousers is a complete eye-sore. We’re all for red carpet risks but this one was a definitely fail. 

Filmfare Awards 2018 | Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor At The Filmfare Awards 2018

Ranveer Singh

Yet another bombshell for ardent lovers of Ranveer Singh’s risqué and bold outfits which most men would never even consider. We’re so used to over-the-top choices from this star that we almost expect it. But this bespoke Karrtik D suit with kitschy images of movie posters is just too tacky and filmy for the red carpet. Ranveer paid homage to Bappi Lahiri during the show and we suspect there was probably some confusion between the costume and styling departments. 

Filmfare Awards 2018 | Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh At The Filmfare Awards 2018


Moving on from surprise entries to worst-dressed list veterans, Kajol gave us yet another flop. Her velvet marsala gown by Manish Malhotra with fringed sleeves and random scattered self beading was more reminiscent of dated dowdy Victorian gowns rather than an upscale red carpet ensemble. Her tousled hair was the only redeeming quality in the otherwise granny-inspired look. 

Filmfare Awards 2018 | Kajol

Kajol At The Filmfare Awards 2018

Richa Chadda

Probably one of the worst fashion disasters of the night was Richa Chadda’s black sequin monstrosity. The strapless Drenusha Xharra gown coupled with the hideously shabby black smokey eye make up and messy hair was a complete train wreck. 

Filmfare Awards 2018 | Richa Chadda

Richa Chadda At The Filmfare Awards 2018

Preity Zinta

If Richa was trying way too hard to be edgy glam then Preity wasn't making enough of an effort. The baby pink hue and the floral applique embroidery of her Garimon Roferos Couture gown were a bit of a let down. With Preity’s knack for doing sophisticated chic, we expect something a lot more restrained yet glamorous from her. 

Filmfare Awards 2018 | Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta At The Filmfare Awards 2018

Neha Dhupia

Yet another diva who usually turns up looking absolutely flawless, Neha Dhupia’s look was a sheer disappointment. The fit and flare silhouette on her custom Sandy Nour gown worked beautifully with her curvaceous figure but we can’t help but feel that the excess of fabric is an overkill. The lovely canary yellow colour is somewhat marred by the exceedingly busy design elements. 

Filmfare Awards 2018 | Neha Dhupia

Neha Dhupia At The Filmfare Awards 2018

Sunny Leone

The item girl tried her hardest to pull off rockstar chic like Lady Gaga with her sculptural Swapnil Shinde gown but failed miserably. The pink colour and oddly contrasting sequin and stone embroidery already looked completely off but she made it worse by sporting a very vanilla hairstyle that didn’t match the outfit at all. 

Filmfare Awards 2018 | Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone At The Filmfare Awards 2018

Tanisha Mukherjee

Kajol’s baby sister, Tanisha seemed to be on some kind of vampire kick with her outfit. The black and bronze outfit with the see-through corset and sequined cape seemed way too much and was in dire need of a style edit. 

Filmfare Awards 2018 | Tanisha Mukherjee

Tanisha Mukherjee At The Filmfare Awards 2018



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