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Experimental Attire For Gentlemen With Serious Swag
Experimental Attire For Gentlemen With Serious Swag
05 th Sep 2018

Most articles dealing with fashion for men are almost always in the realm of tips and tricks for newbies. Gender stereotypes can be blamed for the belief that men are clueless about fashion and need guidance of the very basic sort just to be able to smartly match 2 separates. While there are definitely a few out there who do need some ground-level lessons in styling, it would be rather unfair to consider it a blanket statement for the entire sex. There are some seriously fashion forward gentlemen who have no need for any lessons whatsoever.

The challenge for these suave species of the male race is to find experimental clothes that speak to their aesthetic. Unfortunately for them, since a large percentage of men don’t like to veer too far away from the tried and tested, coming by truly inspired pieces is particularly difficult. They get boxed in with the others who wear nearly identical clothes for decades without ever giving a thought to style preferences.

Luckily the newer crop of Indian designers has woken up to the reality of men with serious swag who aren’t afraid to flaunt their personal style. For these gentlemen and the designers who cater to them, what they wear is as much about how they feel as it is an extension of their personality. They understand the importance of being well groomed and well heeled because it has a significant psychological impact on their well being and happiness. Gone are the days of the ugly beige kurta that is (sadly) still the patent uniform for Indian men looking to wear anything ethnic. All these creative geniuses couldn’t be happier that the dreaded beige kurta can finally be sent to its final resting place – the trash.

But coming back to it, actually navigating one’s way to the collections of exciting new designers is a path filled with hours of pointless browsing of mundane crap. So in an effort to encourage those willing to flex their experimental muscles we’ve compiled a list of deliciously on-point designs that will work beautifully with an unconventional wardrobe.


Since we buried the beige kurta it’s only fitting to replace it with a snazzier updated version. Kurtas are ideal for the sweltering summer months because of their soft breathable textures and loose layered silhouettes. If you’re into evoking effortlessly relaxed vibes and want to actually be comfortable whilst doing it then you cannot fault a kurta. Choose from a variety of different modern versions that feature asymmetrical hems, ombre shading and even shorter lengths.

Experimental Dressing | Kurtas

Black Brown Ombre Cotton Glaze Kurta Set By Tushi Gupta and Vaibhav Sehgal

Green Asymmetrical Hemline Embroidered Kurta Set By Anju Agarwal

Two Tone Striped Banana Fiber Kurta Set By Siddartha Tytler

Steep Cut Jacket Set By Tushi Gupta and Vaibhav Sehgal

Bandhi Jackets

If the kurta is just too passé for you but you still want something on the casual end of things then the best alternative is a versatile bandhi jacket. These layered marvels can open up endless possibilities to introduce different elements into your outfit. Wear a bandhi jacket over a plain kurta-churidhar set, paired with a monochrome shirt and trousers or even with something a bit edgier like breeches. Bandhi jackets come in literally all shapes and forms that include eyebrow-raising cuts, mixed prints and contrasting lapels.

Experimental Dressing | Bandhi Jackets

A-Cut Bandh Gala Jacket By Tushi Gupta and Vaibhav Sehgal

Off-White With Brown Lapel Waistcoat By RJ Fusion & Threads

Light Cream Waistcoat By WYCI

Indigo Ikat Khadi Jacket By Pulpypapaya


Now that we’ve covered casual ethnic Indian attire, let’s get into dressier outfits. Sherwanis are to Indian grooms what lehengas are to Indian brides, so there are bound to be a million variations of the garment. Recently there has been a trend towards modernising the classic sherwani by simplifying and westernizing it but going exceptionally ethnic can have powerful results. It takes a very confident man to strut his stuff in an all-out Indian ensemble but the effect is as mesmerising as watching an Indian maharaja. Embroidered sherwanis in off-beat colours like burgundy maroon, mango yellow and seafoam green accessorised with beaded necklaces inspired by Indian royalty as for those who want sheer opulence. While others who can’t fathom jewellery can still stand out in sherwanis with contrasting prints.

Experimental Dressing | Sherwanis

Maroon Hand Embroidered Thread Work Sherwani Set By Anju Agarwal

Geometric Peppermint Digital Printed Sherwani By Siddartha Tytler

Yellow And Beige Sherwani By Abhipri

Light Green Sherwani By Abhipri

Indo-Western Sets

There is also a time and place for some fusion so it’s wise to invest in a few Indo-western sets. These have gained a lot of acceptance and popularity because they’re an easier transition from casual western wear for most men. Obviously menswear experts will revel in the implied blending of two different forms of dressing as it speaks to their inner design connoisseur. There are dozens of possibilities from discrete aesthetics to overtly experimental but all of them follow the principle of layering. The ability to put together 2-3 or more garments is sheer bliss for the gentlemen who want to have versatility from each piece. Currently trending are bandhgala style jackets with asymmetrical hems worn over kurtas and undershirts with a myriad of lengths and textures. Progressively bold colours like electric blue, turquoise green and bright yellow that are not often associated with menswear. And lastly a whole host of trouser shapes and silhouettes ranging from roomy salwaars to fitted churidhars for that supremely coiffed look.

Experimental Dressing | Indo-Western Sets

Golden Beige Hand Embroidered Kurta Set By Tushi Gupta and Vaibhav Sehgal

Green Overlapped Ghicha Kurta Set By Anju Agarwal

White Cotton Glaze Slant Cut Kurta Set By Tushi Gupta and Vaibhav Sehgal

Electric Blue Jute Sherwani By Narendra Kumar



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