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Epitomes of Style: Best Dressed Celebrities of Bollywood
Epitomes of Style: Best Dressed Celebrities of Bollywood
14 th Oct 2015

Movie stars have always been revered like drop dead gorgeous Gods walking this earth by mere mortals who gasp every time their favourite screen icons make an appearance on screen or in pictures. This kind of crazed hero worship might seem a bit excessive to some but diehard fans of Bollywood celebrities have been known to erect temples for their favourite stars and worship them like deities. While some love their screen gods for their power packed performances, for most others it is all about the aura of the star and their image. In a land of such utter devotion to movie stars it is needless to say that when it comes to fashion Bollywood celebrities rule the roost in making and breaking trends. Their fans obsessively stalk each fashion statement from looks in movies to those worn at movie promotion events and the all important red carpet appearances for awards and film festivals.

While celebrities considered an entourage of hair and make up artists, fashion designers and stylists unnecessary in the past, it is a non-negotiable requirement for the stars of today. Smart phones and social media have made the world an increasingly visual place adding to the pressure on celebrities to get their looks on point for all public and not so public appearances. As television shows, newspaper articles and magazine columns dedicated to dissect celebrity looks are becoming ever popular it is not surprising that some stars emerge as fashion darlings while others are labelled fashion victims in serious need of a style overhaul.

We have compiled our own list of the best-dressed celebrities of Bollywood to serve as inspiration for your next barrage of Google searches in the hunt to look outstanding for your wedding, that big date, your annual holiday or even just the coming weekend. With so many stunning ladies in Bollywood the men usually get left out of nearly every best-dressed celebrities of Bollywood list. Our list also features men in an effort to bring some balance to these lists and to give these stylish gentlemen some much-needed credit.

1. Sonam Kapoor

A list of the best-dressed celebrities of Bollywood would be incomplete without a mention of Sonam Kapoor. Styled exclusively by sister Rhea Kapoor for major events, Sonam Kapoor knows fashion like the back of her hand. She may have declared herself an icon on an episode of Koffee with Karan and became the topic of hilarious memes and jokes but her contribution towards seriously stylish red carpet fashion cannot be denied. She experiments with international labels as well as homegrown brands with effortless ease while always keeping it ultra modern, sophisticated and chic. As a former larger girl she knows that being sexy is not about flashing skin but about being comfortable in it and this philosophy has served her well as she makes heads turn wherever she goes.

Sonam Kapoor's many different looks | Best Dressed Celebrities of Bollywood


2. Deepika Padukone

The former model turned actress is a real life Cinderella story in terms of fashion. Deepika started out making disastrous wardrobe choices until fairy godmother Anaita Shroff Adajania sprinkled her magical styling dust on the leggy lass. Her transformation into a sultry vixen that oozes sex appeal secures her a spot as one of the best-dressed celebrities of Bollywood. With her killer body and height she works western and ethnic ensembles like a pro often making most women green with envy and most men weak in the knees. Deepika proves that flawless genetics and an immensely talented stylist can do wonders for ones image and career trajectory in Bollywood.


Deepika's Looks | Epitomes of Style: Best Dressed Celebrities of Bollywood


3. Priyanka Chopra

The former Miss World took Bollywood by storm by delivering inspiring performances in some fabulously off beat movies. Whether she is singing for her own album, starring in the television series Quantico or essaying the role of a boxing champion, Priyanka Chopra is a multi faceted and immensely talented lady. Even with her hectic schedule spanning across USA and India, she manages to look impeccably dressed and perfectly poised for every event. This best-dressed Bollywood celebrity is styled by Ami Patel who impresses upon celebrities the importance of letting their own personalities shine through their ensembles. With a personality as intriguing as hers there is little chance of any outfit overshadowing Priyanka’s charm.

 Priyanka Chopra's many looks | Best Dressed Celebrities of Bollywood


4. Saif Ali Khan

The reigning Nawab of Pataudi can clearly work bandhgala suits, tuxedos, riding bridges, blazers or a plain old pair of jeans and tee with equal effortlessness. Saif Ali Khan had no need to have fashion greatness thrust upon him given his blue-blooded lineage. He picks clean cuts and sharp tailoring while sticking with classics that never go out of style. His elegant yet contemporary dressing style earns him a spot as one of the best dressed celebrities of Bollywood.


Saif's Looks | Epitomes of Style: Best Dressed Celebrities of Bollywood


5. Amitabh Bachchan

At 73 there are some invaluable life lessons that Amitabh Bachchan can teach the younger generation including how to look fantastic at any age. A legend and a man with boundless energy, to him age is really just a number. From his electric light bulb jacket in Yaarana in 1981 to his role as gambler Meyer Wolfsheim in The Great Gatsby that had him in vintage double breasted suits there is clearly nothing that Amitabh Bachchan cannot pull off. He secures a spot as one of the best-dressed celebrities of Bollywood for looking oh-so-dapper at every age defying the norm that older men cannot be stylish.

Amitabh Bachchan's many look | Best Dressed Celebrities of Bollywood



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