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Bollywood Actresses in Sarees | Draped Saree Trend Takes Over Bollywood
Draped Saree Trend Takes Over Bollywood
17 th Jun 2016

There is a well known saying, “You can never go wrong with a saree”. This saying is true to the core as a saree can be formal, casual or even red carpet ready.

For an Indian woman saree is a must-have in the wardrobe.

This traditional six or nine yard wonder has undergone immense transformation with the changing times and the changing persona of women. The modern saree is an epitome of elegance that does not restrict a modern woman’s free spirit.

The Draped Fantasy

Elegantly draping fabric around the body defines a saree. A draped modern saree retains the essence of saree while giving a very fashionable outlook. These sarees can come in a variety of interesting abstract prints and motifs, using modern fabrics like chiffon, organza, crepe, satin and georgette. For a contemporary look a saree gives immense versatility through the draping style.

One Shoulder Drape - The usual draping style of a saree with pallu resting on the left shoulder can be modified slightly to create fascinating looks. The saree’s pallu can also be worn on one shoulder from behind letting it fall in the front like a stole without tucking it the Gujarati way. This look highlights the choli, so a contemporary cut choli goes well along with it. Waist down this saree has its traditional pleats. Below are some interesting modern saree looks with one shoulder drape.

One shoulder drape styles for modern saree

Sash Pallu - In this style the pallu of the saree is worn as a narrow sash across the chest. This modern saree look again emphasises the choli. The sash pallu can be pulled through the strap of the blouse or an epaulette in the blouse can hold it in a stylish manner. Below are the sarees from Manish Malhotra and Jyotsna Tiwari, which celebrate the sash look, displayed at the previous seasons of Lakme Fashion week

Sash Pallu style sarees

Dhoti Saree - This style of draping saree takes inspiration from the traditional nine-yard saree popular in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. The bottom is worn like a dhoti while the top pallu flows the usual way across the shoulder. Dhoti sarees are designed in pre-draped forms too.

Anamika Khanna's dhoti saree

Off Shoulder Pallu - The boho chic saree look from Digvijay Singh at Lakme Fashion Week, shows the pallu draped off shoulder on both sides. This look is an interesting take on draping the modern saree.

Off shoulder pallu saree by Digvijay Singh

The Blouse or Choli - In a modern saree, the blouse plays a pivotal role in creating the contemporary look. The saree can be paired with a halter, strappy blouse, sleeveless with broader coverage on shoulders, off shoulder blouse, collared blouse, elbow length, three-quarter length or full sleeve blouse. A crop, peplum, tube or a tank top can also be styled well with a saree to get the up to date look that today’s women desire.

Different blouse style for modern saree


If draping a saree is not your cup of tea then do not despair as you can still carry the modern saree look sans the hassle of getting trapped in a maze of never-ending fabric. The following quick and easy options to sport a modern saree come to the rescue of the modern woman pressed for time.

The Half Sari or Lehenga Saree

This saree comprises of an attractive lehenga or skirt at the bottom and a stole is draped around the lehenga stretching across the chest to give a saree look. This look was traditionally seen in the South of India; however these days it has become a popular fashion statement with the celebrities. The image below shows Shahzahn Padamsee in Archana Kochchar’s lehenga saree and Bhairavi Jaikishan’s attractive floral lehenga saree.

Half saree or lehenga saree

Pre-draped Saree or Saree Gown

The pre-draped saree or the saree gown is a one step dressing attire. The pleats and pallu are pre-fitted to a gown and so it gives a modern saree look with a glamorous evening wear avatar. Gaurav Gupta presented his glittering saree gowns at the recent Amazon India couture week 2015. The images below show some dazzling saree gowns that will set any red carpet on fire.

Pre-draped saree or saree gowns


Accessorise to get the Modern Saree Look

Waist Belt – Waist belt over a saree gives a very chic look.

Belted modern saree by Raakesh Agarvwal

Jackets and Capes – Adding a cape or a jacket to the saree is an instant way of modernising the saree.

Cape Saree by Rohit Bal

Top or Blouse over Saree – Surprising, but a stylish waist fitting, hip length, sleeveless top worn over the saree results in a very stunning modern look.

Top over satin saree by Narendra Kumar


Using these accessory tips even grandma’s heirlooms can be turned into ultra modern sarees. It is an undeniable fact that saree is the most resourceful piece of garb. A fashionista in a modern saree is an ultimate paradigm of style.

Images: Lakme Fashion week facebook page,,,

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