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05 th Mar 2012

They say it's what's in the inside that counts. Value, whether it's of lifestyle or of fashion itself comes from looking past what on the outside.

In this context, you hear many endlessly talking about how they have so many clothes, or the ones that could never decide on what to wear, or that they cannot find what they are looking for. Having been through the perils of self preparation and suffered madly and endlessly trying things on, I have finally come to a solution. With a busy life one can't afford spending hours picking and refolding, so it's only natural that past adventures have shaped how and why I do what I do with my wardrobe today.

Arrangement is vital to surviving in a seriously fashion forward wardrobe. When style is key and time is rare. You need to know where things are, sometimes even what your going to wear before you open the doors to your collection of treasures. Just like I can tell you my Rajesh Pratap Singh Jacket is hung on the top right of my two tier four door wardrobe, or that my embroidered knitted Manoviraj Khosla dress is folded at the top left shelf in the long knitwear section.

The key to a good arrangement is not to stack clothes according to how much you wear them, but to what the piece is. This way you can enjoy everything. Pants are arranged by cut, colour and weight, so the heavier ones don't push down on the more delicate silky ones.

Evening and "special tops" go in a section alone, this way you know where to look when you have 15 minutes to get dressed for a gallery launch or a sudden call for a night out. When it comes to mix and match basics like knitwear or t-shirts, they are arranged by category (jersey or knitwear) and then subcategory (v-neck, crew-neck, and sleeve length), this doesn't mean that you should have 8 piles or 4 or 5 folded tops. I do it in a gradual sense, 1 long to three-quarter sleeves, and 1 short to sleeveless, but without question cardigans and sweaters must be separated.

Another key point to keep in mind is; choose your hangers wisely. Big structured shoulders should go on a thick hangers, don't sacrifice clothing care for space. The way I see it, it's an investment, the better clothing hangs or folds, the more likely they will look new for a lifetime. And if you really want to go the extra mile as I have been accused of doing myself kiss your clothes, keep small bundles of lavender or wardrobe scents in between your clothes, it's not hard to find a way to keep your clothes smelling fresh, I once met someone who kept soaps in-between her linens and knitwear and that worked wonders.

This is just another way to add to the value of your wardrobe and to give yourself everyday luxuries when it comes to dressing.

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