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Discover Unique Indian Hand Jewellery
Discover Unique Indian Hand Jewellery
13 th Jun 2015

Whether it is a dressy cuff or a stone encrusted ring, jewellery adorning the hand adds a unique touch to your ensemble. But bracelets and cuffs are almost a thing of the past since the latest trend in hand accessories is scintillating Indian hand jewellery. A mix of traditional and contemporary design elements, these stunning pieces glam up your look and you stand out in the crowd. Available in an assortment of designs and materials, hand jewellery is a great option to set yourself apart from the rest.  In case you are wondering what we are talking about, today we guide you through the latest trends in Indian hand jewellery.

Arm Bands

Discover Unique Indian Hand Jewellery - Arm Band

Sleeveless dresses are a great option for summer but the problem with them is that they tend to leave your hands bare. Now decorate your arms with arm bands that help break the monotony and also add a decorative charm to your look.

Arm bands are worn above the elbow and are generally studded with pearls or multicoloured stones. This gorgeous Indian hand jewellery with a multi-tiered chain design is so versatile that it can be paired with both Indian and contemporary outfits.

Hand Chain

Discover Unique Indian Hand Jewellery - Hand Chain

Hand chains are a great way to accessorise your hands and give them a festive look. Indian hand jewellery with beautiful chains are either plain or studded and are crafted in exquisite designs that add a subtle charm to your dainty hands. This hand chain by Sannam Chopra has a gorgeous leaf motif in gold. The elegant design combined with its classy look makes it a much coveted accessory that you must try this season!

Hand Chain with Rings

Discover Unique Indian Hand Jewellery - Hand Chain with Rings

How about an accessory that doubles up as a bracelet, a ring and also beautifies your palm all at once? Hand chains with rings do exactly that! The chain is usually a gorgeous bracelet with stones or pearls. Attached to the bracelet are rings such that when you wear them, the delicate chains adorn the back of your palm. Go in for a chunky multicoloured hand chain if you want a boho-chic look. If it is a sophisticated look that you are gunning for, this piece of Indian hand jewellery by Sannam Chopra is the perfect pick for you. Dainty stars adorn the bracelet and also the chains that connect the wristlet with the rings. Best worn with a traditional outfit, this hand chain will be a gorgeous addition to your accessory collection.

Now that you have seen how beautiful Indian hand jewellery can be, go ahead and pick some from here and beautify your hands instantly! 

Image credit: Ali Express

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