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24 th Jul 2012

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

Bringing the luxuries of India to the world we have crossed the various regions to bring together a unique collection of designer fashion and accessories. From everlasting traditional design to the most innovative and contemporary, today we add another flavour of India, one that had attuned to Maharajas everlasting lusters and riches, Indian Fine Jewellery.

Designed by an innovator and a traditionalist - Diagold's Varda Geonka. Stressing on the eternal beauty of jewellery design with an exquisite range of fine bracelets, cuffs and rings. From traditional red gold kundan designs set with raw cut diamonds and pearls to contemporary exquisite animal crafted rings and tennis bracelets.

Heritage, design and all things beautiful does not comprimise on quality. Stressing on the expression of a forever piece for all occasions, from bridal to daily fine jewellery, each piece comes with an internationally recognized certificate that insures the highest levels of the cut and the clarity of diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and more.

Having worked widely with made to measure orders we enjoy serving each customer personally, working with Diagold we ensure make each piece made to measure to your precise sizing preferences.

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