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Dhanteras-Gifting-Ideas-What-Presents-to-buy-this-Dhanteras-Stylish Thoughts
Dhanteras Gifting Ideas - What Presents to Buy This Dhanteras
25 th Oct 2015

Diwali, arguably the biggest Hindu festival is celebrated with great fervour over a period of five days. The first of these five days is called ‘Dhanteras - ‘dhan meaning wealth and ‘teras, the thirteenth day of the lunar calendar on which the festival is celebrated.

Dhanteras Pooja is of utmost significance, especially to the business communities for they worship Goddess Lakshmi on the day for continued wealth and prosperity. Precious metals are purchased on Dhanteras as a customary ritual. It is believed that buying gold or silver on Dhanteras Pooja day brings copious amounts of good luck and wealth throughout the following year. Gift-giving during Dhanteras is also a custom in many families that is religiously followed to this day. The gift you give symbolises your prayer towards the prosperity and well-being of the receiver. It is one of the few occasions when people do not think twice before splurging on friends and family for the joy of the festivities multiplies with exchange of gifts. If you are wondering as to what to buy for Dhanteras this year, here are some ideas.

Gold or Silver

Given that most people prefer receiving precious metals during Dhanteras Pooja, the most obvious gift to give would be gold or silver coins or jewellery. If you are aware of the receiver's taste in jewellery, then go ahead and pick pieces of fine jewellery that will delight them. If you don’t want to go the fine jewellery way, you could also choose to buy jewellery with gold or silver coating that come at a fraction of the cost of fine jewellery. Think jhumkas, bangles, bracelets and necklaces that can add a good amount of dazzle to any Diwali ensemble - they’d make perfect gifts.

 Gold Pearl Drops Jhumkas | What Presents to buy for Dhanteras

Jewellery works well if you know the kind of pieces that will be well-received. If you don’t have that knowledge, it is better to play safe and buy coins in gold or silver. In fact, if you ask people the question as to what to buy for Dhanteras, the most prevalent answer would be coins in precious metals - for they are practical options with very little depreciation and wastage costs associated with them.


Stylish and Chic Red Raw Silk Clutch From Strand of Silk | What Presents to buy for Dhanteras

Aside from jewellery, there are other accessories like bags, wallets and clutches that can double up as great gifts for Dhanteras Pooja. A gilded clutch, embellished with semi-precious stones can help add a dazzling finishing touch to any traditional outfit and be especially handy (quite literally!) during Diwali. For men, you can choose from wallets, Swarovski buttons for kurtas or even jewelled pens that can add a touch of sophistication to their outfits.


If you think that gold and silver are too pricey for gifts, you can consider gifting pooja utensils for Dhanteras Pooja. Ranging from embellished pooja thalis in brass or bronze to engraved bowls that can hold offerings like sweets and fruits, there are plenty of options to choose from if you are giving pooja utensils.

If pooja utensils are not your kind of gifts, you could also consider giving steel utensils for Dhanteras Pooja. Something like a classy stainless steel ‘cook and serve’ set will not only put an end to your dilemma of what to buy for Dhanteras but will also please the receiver to no end for its utilitarian value.


If you ask youngsters for their preferences when you are considering what to buy for Dhanteras Pooja, without doubt the answer you will get would be electronics. In this day and age where personal gadgets are what people spend their maximum time with, electronic gadgets have become the most welcome gifts for both young and old alike. The gift does not have to be as lavish as the latest phone in the market. It can instead be something small yet thoughtful like a pair of really cool earphones or a power bank that can be of use to just about anyone. E-book readers or tablets are another cost-effective option that can make bibliophiles jump up with joy!

Gift Hampers

Gift Hamper | What Presents to buy for Dhanteras

We’re not talking of the readymade kind that can be bought off a portal or your nearest supermarket. Sure, it is an easy way to tackle the ‘what to buy for Dhanteras’ conundrum, but sometimes, putting some thought and effort towards customising your gift can show how much you care. Spare a moment to think of all the things that the receiver likes - be it sweets, chocolates, perfumes or gourmet foods. Spend an afternoon at your nearest hypermarket to put them all together. A hamper does not necessarily be made of food items only. You could even gift  a spa hamper to a person who you think would appreciate it. So depending on the person’s likes or interest, put together a basket of an assortment of items, cover it up with a bright wrapping paper and finish it off with a bow. We promise you, the look on their face will be priceless when they discover that the hamper contains their most favourite things.

Aside from these, there are the usual sweet boxes, chocolate boxes and dry-fruit hampers that people gift each other to easily tide over the ‘what to gift for Dhanteras’ predicament. It is convenient, but it certainly lacks a personal touch. We believe that gifting is a process that does not end at just giving away the gift but ends when the receiver puts it to use with a smile. So take cues from the ideas we’ve laid out in front of you before buying your Dhanteras Pooja gifts and make them truly memorable.

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