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Designer Feature: Swatee Singh
Designer Feature: Swatee Singh
14 th Nov 2014


Launched in 2014, the label Swatee Singh has quickly became a popular and admired brand not only throughout the globe but also among many Bollywood celebrities. Swatee Singh is a Delhi based fashion designer, who is gradually heading towards the forefront of the global fashion scene, showcasing a distinct western and contemporary flair.

Swatee Singh personifies feminine beauty with a stylish edge, whilst the label signifies elegance with a sophisticated and multicultural edge. After many years of refining her skills in the competitive fashion industry, in 2014, Swatee then created the distinct and unique label that is not only trendy, but creative and beautiful, which challenges current styles and trends and strands out from the crowd. The collection also has a distinct timeless theme, something that is must in every womens wardrobe. The label brings a playful charm aswell as a glamorous dazzle and allure to the forfront of the fashion industry. The designs themselves are equally infused with both art & craftsmanship, which is something we personally love!

In terms of Swatee Singh’s newest collection, it includes bright and eye catching hues of rainbow, created as part of statement items that are touched with a creative and profound character. Within the sea of colour, is the central identity of the whole collection, but without disregarding the pretty vintage classics and soft pastels. Each piece has a playful and dramatic element, which is subtle yet impactful, and is infused with sharp tailored cuts with soft edges and a slight vintage theme from the modern era.

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The clean but feminine silhouettes of the collection are not only perfect for special occasions but will also work well as day to day outfits due to the simplicity an versatility of every design.

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