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Designer feature: How to Style Unniyarcha Jewellery
08 th Jan 2015

Unniyarcha is a unique jewellery label, which is created for bold and spirited women of all cultural backgrounds. The Indian designer label is titled and inspired by the tremendously beautiful and well-known warrior from 17th century Malabar India. Known mostly for her elegance and courage, decorated in beautiful jewels and equipped with a feisty spirit, Unniyarcha wore an urumi, which is a flexible sword, as a belt.

The stunning collections include a variety of unique and diverse necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Bracelets and Cuffs. Each and every piece is designed to fit a queen - a stunning woman of endless spirit and beauty. Confidence and grace, exquisiteness and strength, timeless and trendy, every item has excused and a meaning and tells a story which is unique the wearer. Unniyarcha jewellery is a way of sharing the mean behind the warrior’s beauty and strength with all women who wear it.

Indian designer Divya Nambiar, the founder and head creative on Unniyarcha graduated from Columbia University and soon became a self-taught jewellery designer.

This stunning Indian designer jewellery is both innovative and versatile and can dress almost every outfit. Here are a few ways we have styled this stunning collection.

Dress up a simple black jumpsuit with these stunning statement earring by Unniyarcha, simple team with a deep red lip and black boots for a casual stylish look.

Designer Feature - How to Style Unniyarcha Jewellery | Polyvore

What better way to brighten up a causal day outfit than with this gorgeous pair of statement earrings, team these blue and red earrings with a jeans and jumper combo in neutral tones and a nude lip for a prefect day look.

Designer Feature - How to Style Unniyarcha Jewellery | Polyvore

Last but not least, for a perfect timeless smart casual outfit team this gorgeous black Onyx ring with a grey midi dress, black fedora and smart black heels for a feminine and timeless look that is perfect for both day and night wear.

Designer Feature - How to Style Unniyarcha Jewellery | Polyvore

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