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Designer Anarkali Suits for All Occasions
Designer Anarkali Suits for All Occasions
12 th Jun 2015

Designer anarkali suits are among the most popular Indian outfits this season and without doubt because they are comfortable, easy to wear and traditional at the same time! The ease of getting dolled up in an Anarkali means that it trumps the saree as the quintessential garment of choice for a wedding or a festive occasion. Today we look at what makes designer anarkali suits so popular among women and how can you make it a garment for every occasion.


For a saree to look good, you need a good amount of skill while draping it. Also, a lot of care and attention goes into maintaining the saree pleats through the day. While it is no rocket science to drape a saree, it still is a mountainous task for the current generation that is used to easy to wear outfits. This is where the designer anarkali suits come into picture. They are dressy, festive and give you a traditional look without making you go through the hassles of draping, like a saree.


Just like a saree, designer anarkali suits also can vary from being simple and elegant to opulent and lavish. Simple anarkali suits in subtle colours with classic embellishments like Swarovski crystals radiate an aura of class and sophistication. Pick a more vibrant colour with lots of details in a luxurious fabric and you have a dress that is perfect for a party!

Unlimited Choice

The best part about designer anarkali suits is that they offer unlimited choice when it comes to colours, silhouettes and designs. This naturally means that you can wear an anarkali on every day in a week and yet flaunt a different look every single day. The sheer possibilities of styling your look with designer anarkali suits makes them popular with women.

Here is a look at some gorgeous designer anarkali suits from our collection for every occasion.

Simple, Classic and Elegant

Designer Anarkali Suits for All Occasions - Black Anarkali

Black is a colour that is both stylish and elegant. A simple black anarkali is a great option for a meeting or an event that needs you to be dressed formally. An anarkali like this stunning black number from Silvereene will not just look sophisticated but will also be stylish without being over the top. Team it with a simple bracelet and a pair of delicate earrings and you will be brimming with confidence and ready to conquer the day.

Traditional and Stylish

If your idea of a traditional outfit is limited to a saree or a salwar kameez, then it is about time you took a look at designer anarkali suits. For occasions like the wedding of a distant relative, a house warming ceremony or a house party that does not call for a lavish outfit, simple silk anarkali kurtas are a great option. While on one hand they are traditional and ethnic, on the other they can be styled as per the occasion. Throw in an extra piece of jewellery to dress it up or go plain with a clutch to keep your look understated.

Designer Anarkali Suits for All Occasions - Red Anarkali

A great choice in this category will be this chic red silk anarkali by Silvereene – classic, elegant and traditional without being ultra glamourous.

Dressy and Festive

The problem with lavish outfits like lehenga-cholis is that they are not really meant to be worn for every occasion. Turning up at a friend’s wedding in a lehenga will only make you compete with the bride for attention – something you certainly want to steer clear of. In such circumstances, exquisite designer anarkali suits are a great option for they let you dress up without making the look too flashy.

Designer Anarkali Suits for All Occasions - Orange Anarkali

This beautiful orange anarkali by Silvereene does just that! It is elegant, fashionable and crafted to make you look gorgeous in a subtle way. The flattering silhouette, lush fabric and intricate designs on the anarkali suit will not just highlight your looks but will also make you stand out for your elegance.

So the next time you are stuck while shopping for an outfit, without knowing what to buy, take our adivse and go in for designer anarkali suits – they are made for every occasion and can add a lot of versatility to your wardrobe.

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