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Delhi Couture Week - Ashima Leena: Our Picks - Stylish Thoughts
Delhi Couture Week - Ashima Leena: Our Picks
23 rd Aug 2012

Some of our favourites styles from Delhi Couture Week as shown by the participating designers - this time it is Ashima Leena. A little bit about Indian Fashion Designer Ashima Leena.

Ashima-Leena is one of the most senior brands of India and has created a unique style of their own, reflecting the ancient traditions of Indian craftsmanship in a contemporary vocabulary. With Ashima spearheading the designing and Leena, the marketing pioneer behind the brand is dedicated in their efforts to promote India and its tertiary industry.

A diverse approach manifests itself in their creations, which spans across the royal Indian costumes of the 18th century, through to the modern, cutting-edge styles of today. The brand has beautiful and delicate handcrafted masterpieces that are classic and enduring. Their originality and creativity has paved their way wide-spread recognition as well as several awards. The brand "Ashima-Leena" was chosen by Government of India for designing the costumes for opening and closing ceremony for Common Wealth Games 2010.

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