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Decoding King Khan's Sartorial Style
Decoding King Shahrukh Khan's Sartorial Style
15 th May 2018

The inimitable Shahrukh Khan is a true classic in every possible way. He’s made his niche in the same way as many greats before him, by creating a characteristic persona and style that was truly his own.

He’s received brickbats for moulding himself in such a fashion because critics have often panned him for becoming typecast as the romantic hero. Little did they realize that a veritable chameleon like Shahrukh Khan was only using this image as a strategy to cement his position into the hearts and minds of his fans. His more recent releases have been a plethora of roles ranging from sci-fi to lovable villain.

But why are we discussing his movies when we should be talking about his style statements? It’s simply because the two are inextricably linked in a way where one is nothing without the other. King Khan’s career graph might have had its ups and downs but his sartorial chart has also seen similar ebbs and flows. He perfected his signature grunge look of the half tuck shirt with distressed jeans and sneakers early on, when he was playing roles like the adorable vagabond in Baazigar.

This laidback yet cool style statement has remained his forte since those days and he can be seen sporting this deliciously roguish look even now.

Shahrukh Khan | Baazigar

Shahrukh Khan In Baazigar

Shahrukh Khan | Grunge Looks

Shahrukh Khan’s Grunge Looks

When more illustrious banners like Yash Chopra and then Karan Johar beat down his doors and cast him as the quintessential stylish Indian living abroad, his tastes also evolved to adopt the finer things in life. In came the immaculately cut Italian suits, classic tuxedos and ofcourse stylish sherwanis and pathanis. But Shahrukh was never one to be too put together because there was always an air of rugged swagger about him with his floppy hair and relaxed silhouettes. Except ofcourse when he was meant to look totally prim and proper like when hosting awards shows or walking the red carpet.

Shahrukh Khan | Suits & Sherwanis 1

Shahrukh Khan’s Classic Sherwanis, Pathani & Suits

Over time King Khan has created for himself a style box of sorts and he juggles between the two extremes of effortlessly cool and classically handsome within those confines. He’s one of the best-dressed men in Bollywood but unlike the newbies he’s not one for experimentation. He knows what works for him and he rarely ever breaches those boundaries.

In many ways that’s what makes a truly stylish gentleman because what he wears is just an extension of that powerhouse personality. People are much more interested in what the ridiculously talented and fantastically well-read star has to say rather than what he’s wearing but that doesn’t stop him from acing his looks every time.

Shahrukh Khan | Suits & Sherwanis 2

Shahrukh Khan’s Classic Sherwanis, Pathani & Suits

Shahrukh Khan’s love for all things fashion isn’t just a publicity gimmick for the cameras and the fans because the self-confessed shoe addict goes to great lengths to perfect his looks for the movie roles as well. He’s been known to sit in on styling meetings and give very specific inputs for his character’s clothes, accessories and hairstyles because those aspects are important to his own portrayal of the role on screen.

These are also the times when he doesn’t care about his own private style rules and is willing to try off-kilter picks because a role demands it. He has pulled off sheer shirts for Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, cotton pathanis and coloured sunnies for Raees, high-school professor chic for Mohabbatein and leather jackets in Don.

Shahrukh Khan | Kabhi khushi Kabhi Gham

Shahrukh Khan In Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

Shahrukh Khan | Raees

Shahrukh Khan In Raees

Shahrukh Khan | Mohabbatein

Shahrukh Khan In Mohabbatein

Shahrukh Khan | Don

Shahrukh Khan In Don

As is true of many acting legends, King Khan always absorbs some of his characters into his personality, which explains with absolute clarity how his personal style has evolved with every movie. He imbibes the advice of stylists like Anaita Shroff Adajania who told him that his chest is the most sensuous part of his body and that he should always leave it uncovered.

Not surprisingly since then, he’s often seen with a few top buttons intentionally yet carelessly left open adding to his ability to elevate simplistic clothing to scorching hot seduction. Never one to settle into a rut, the star has remained fit throughout his years in the industry and even chiseled himself an enviable bod when it became the must-have for all actors. He’s also not only embraced the paparazzi favourite airport looks but also nails them each time without too much effort.

Shahrukh Khan | Airport Looks

Shahrukh Khan’s Airport Looks

In the end, Shahrukh Khan’s style like his immense talent is something innate yet honed over time and experience. He doesn’t allow the clothes to wear him because he’s alarmingly confident about himself and knows he can carry off anything. And that sense of self-awareness is probably one of the biggest takeaways for anyone wanting to gain inspiration from his keen sense of fashion.



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