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Siddartha Tytler - A DECADE, A DESIGNER - Stylish Thoughts
A Decade, A Designer - Siddartha Tytler
07 th Mar 2012

A decade in fashion and a designer does a retake on his footsteps through his magical voyage in a fashionable world. "A Journey" by Siddartha Tytler traces his journey back in the past decade to showcase a plethora of his creations through his time in the industry. It touched upon each and every collection of the designer from his debut till the present strong handing the unique and his signature style statement pieces.

The lights dimmed and with bated breath waited an audience; five silhouettes are brought into focus with a slew of light in the backdrop. The show is about to begin and a strangely lilting song with a flute and drum connotation is interspersed as the models take a few steps down the ramp to rearrange themselves again in a formation. This done they saunter back again and the show begins.

Engaging the audience with a subtle yet enthralling background melody the very collection had the outcome of throwing a blanket over a whisper. And then the show starts full swing with creations unfolding and blending between the designer's timeless collections.

From corsetry to sequins sheeting, applique work to crystal applications, Siddartha went from Metalosophy, Ambrosia, Fusion Earth, Dynasty, each inter mingling with the other without a break to the flow. Impact was brought in by the fabrics ranging from Lycra satin and linen along with chiffon, georgette and specially created stunning printed lace which formed a notable highlight in the creations.

One of the few designers at this Lakme Fashion Week to adhere to the theme of Summer/Resort wear, Siddartha brought in stylish swimwear and body suits to the ramp with a subtle eye for detail. The detailing came in the form of dori work, negative sheeting and colour blocking which is in big time this season.

The colour palette formed by teal, berry, orange, aubergine and black with a blending of mushroom, gold, copper and silver amazingly bringing ten years to sit with the spirit of colour and style this of this season. Opening the show with pastel hues ranging from grey to black printed silk the colours later entered into multi coloured hues for the body hugging corsets and lengthy resort covers with raffia embroidery.

Altogether, each aspect celebrated his time and his evolution as fashion designer Siddartha Tytler. And so even if the 'now' is new, the old is celebrated and history was told on the day Siddartha Tytler's Summer/Resort 2012 collection walked the ramp.

We are proud carry Siddartha Tytler's made to measure and ready to wear collections.

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