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Current Contemporary Trends of the Traditional Bridal Saree
Current Contemporary Trends of the Traditional Bridal Saree
06 th Jan 2015

Bridal Sarees have been one of the most desirable and sought after outfits for Indian women for many centuries.

The ensemble that was once simply a selection of material draped according to the silhouette of the woman, has now transformed into a significant and innovative bridal outfit that is constantly adapting to new trends.

The latest bridal saree trends consist of a blend of contemporary western trends with traditional Indian culture, which creates a stunning fusion range of Bridal wear that appeals to women all over the world. Indian bridal sarees are delicate and beautiful pieces of work, they often consist of intricate patterns that are delicately woven into the saree.

The craze of the saree is not only restricted to the Indian community, but also to people all over the world. Therefore, bridal sarees have accomplished a global makeover in which traditional elements have been infused with designer trends and quirks. Here are three of the top contemporary bridal saree trends at the moment that are sure to appeal to your bridal dreams!

Lehenga Style Sarees

Lehenga style sarees are a stylish and contemporary way to wear perfectly shaped embellished sarees whilst saving time and effort on making those difficult to master pleats and silhouettes. This is a popular trend that is keeping up with today’s extremely fast-paced and fashion focused generation, which do not have the precious time to drape a traditional style saree. A lehenga style saree consists of a pre-stitched bottom half which looks like a traditional flowing lehenga. Opt for this look if you’re looking for a traditional but fashionable and on trend look for your big day.

Contemporary Trends of the Traditional Bridal Saree | Lehenga Style Sarees

Net Sarees

Net sarees are a new trend that seems to have taken the bridal world by storm. Net sarees are an enigmatic and luxurious way to make the perfect stylish statement. Net bridal sarees have been made extremely popular by India’s main trendsetter team - Bollywood stars. These sarees are available in an assortment of contemporary designs and lighter hues such as nudes and baby pinks.

Net Sarees | Current Contemporary Trends of the Traditional Bridal Saree

Saree Inspired Gown

The final trend is a slight deviation from a traditional saree; a saree inspired gown takes on the appearance of a modern day saree in terms of fluidity and visual construction, but is merged with the practicality and ease of a stunning gown. These garments are essentially evening gowns that are teamed with a pallu, and sometimes come with handy pre-stitched pleats. This attire is perfect for brides who are looking for something contemporary and a bit different for their special day.

Current Contemporary Trends of the Traditional Bridal Saree | Saree gowns

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