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Three Colourful Sarees from Strand of Silk | Coorv Designs - The Rise Of The Statement Saree
Coorv Designs - The Rise Of The Statement Saree
24 th Nov 2015

A six-metre long piece of cloth in different materials, embellishments, weaves, colours and breathtaking craftsmanship - the draped wonder that is the saree has caught the imagination of women, designers and artists for centuries.

Versions of the versatile saree have been discovered as early as the ancient Romans when both men and women draped a long cloth upon themselves like a toga.

Since Ancient India the saree has undergone a metamorphosis through the ages. From the vedic style drape that was worn without a blouse to the nine yard saree donned by Maratha women that was worn without a petticoat but draped all around the hips and back to resemble harem pants and finally the modern day saree which can be pre-draped, pre-stitched, worn as a gown or in a number of other imaginative ways.

The saree has many faces and many names within India and changes from region to region. As every part of the country produces sarees that showcase the skills of their indigenous labour there is a literal common thread amongst all sarees and that is the practice of weaving.

There are various methods and skills applied to the weaving process by skilled artisans to give each saree its own distinct identity and local flavour. What was once considered a dying industry has suddenly received a gust of revival through the efforts design houses like Coorv Designs that take pride in the innate Indian-ness of the saree and produce masterpieces that are utterly unique. The brand’s creative process brings together traditional techniques and rare craftsmanship. Their Indian style sarees stick to their roots evoking a sense of culture and tradition. Woven sarees have long been considered an investment and passed on to future generations as heirlooms elevating them to the status of being timeless.

In this post we highlight some of the latest style of sarees from Coorv Designs and the different ways to accessorise them.

Flame and Blue Bandhani Saree

With its bright coloured bandhani printed body and blue border this saree is sure to stand out at traditional events. Style this with a Crystal Brooch Layered Necklace by Shillpa Purii for some contrast and a dash of sparkle and finish it off with a simple Lovely Golden Clutch by Images Bags. 

 Flame and Blue Bandhani Saree from Strand of Silk | The Rise Of The Statement Saree


Green Bandhani Saree

A striking plain green silk saree with large contrasting bandhani patterns in red and yellow that start at the pleats and extends onto the pallu. This decidedly traditional combination of colours, prints and fabrics needs some equally ethnic accessories. Pair this saree with Pearl Drop Kundan Earrings by Yosshita and Neha and a Green Beads Drop Maang Tikka by Ritika Sachdeva for a beautifully Indian look. Flaunt the intricately designed Naganika Clutch by Meera Mahadevia for some added drama.

 Green Bandhani Saree from Strand of Silk | The Rise Of The Statement Saree


Black Jamdhani Saree

An exquisite black jamdhani silk weave saree with a gold and grey border in the front and intricate floral green and beige designs in the pallu in the back. This simple and elegant saree is ideal to be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, making it a must have in every saree collectors wardrobe. Pair with Ikat Square Earrings by ESA, Wicked Coal Bracelet by Rhea and Geometric Sequin Clutch by The Purple Sack to contrast the floral motifs of the pallu with more abstract printed accessories while maintaining the black base colour. 

 Black Jamdhani Saree from Strand of Silk | The Rise Of The Statement Saree


Pink Butti Maheshwar Saree

A truly classic style of saree that is reminiscent of royalty. This fuchsia pink Maheshwari saree with gold buttis on the body and antique copper-gold border along the length is finished with ornate gold borders on the pallu and tassels at the end. Accessorise this traditional saree with minimal jewellery like the Three-Tiered Necklace Set by Shillpa Purii, Nectar Joy Bracelet by Rhea and Chic White Ring by Ritika Sachdeva ensuring that the beautifully woven saree if the star of the entire look. Add a Zardosi Box Clutch by Images Bags for a finishing touch that is slightly more embellished than the jewellery but still seamlessly understated. 

 Pink Butti Maheshwar Saree from Strand of Silk | The Rise Of The Statement Saree


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