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03 rd Jul 2012

The love for 'The Saree' has descended over generations for its infinite beauty and flare. Bringing with it an air of unique glamour and essence of ethereal feminine style. Recalling a Saree will typically bring to mind embellishments and craftsmanship to dream of.

And since we in general - don't live in Palaces that call for opulence on a daily basis, the traditional embellished Saree, is now worn for special occasions. As per the tempered down lifestyle we have worked to create over the past century, there is a more "contemporary" Saree.

The contemporary Saree is clean and sleek, whether it's left to flow or kept together for a more controlled drape with a waist belt. Presented by the masters of clean cut contemporary, Abraham & Thakore interpret craft in a language that is easily translated across different cultural backdrops.

Right off the runway to the V&A Abraham & Thakore present a range of beautifully woven somber designs of Salwars and Sarees that celebrate and serve the modern woman.

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