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Conservative Yet Unique Blouse Designs
Conservative Yet Unique Indian Blouse Designs
14 th Nov 2017

You have been furiously pinning saree blouse inspirations to your vision boards forever and your colossal excitement to start turning those imaginary musings into reality is no secret. Armed with your arsenal of oomphilicious design ideas, you set out to find the perfect match for that luscious saree when something hits you like a brick!

Unfortunately it isn’t just a dream. Things are starting to spiral out of control and you can see months of hard work spent planning just slipping away into oblivion. You didn’t realize while letting your visions soar unobstructed that other people might have a say in your wedding wardrobe too. The tiny yet highly annoying detail didn’t even occur to you and why would it? Surely, no one wants to think of boring old elders telling you what not to wear as you happily slip away into outfit fantasyland, where you’re nothing short of a Bollywood star. Even more surely, you simply cannot and will not let a little thing like other people’s sense of propriety of dressing, affect your grand plans.

So what’s to be done? You could always take the rebellious route and turn up in an eyebrow raising number that’s definitely going to get more than a few tongues wagging. Or you could do the subservient thing and buckle under pressure. Forget about all those gorgeous pinned blouse ideas and pick something blah that will blend in with the rest of the insipid crowd. The blossoming yet unjustly curtailed stylista in you might be tempted to do your own thing and not bother about silly societal expectations. Who cares if Pammi aunty might have a heart attack if she sees you in your planned low cut strappy back number? The old crow wouldn’t live that long anyway.

Before you start to get seriously devious, calm down and remember that a true fashionista remains stylish under any circumstance. Plus, while you might not feel even slightly uncomfortable wearing slinky and daring cuts chances are your parents will be left red in the face with embarrassment thanks to your actions. Not to get totally mom-emo-guilt-trip on you, but you know you’re way more sensible and far more resourceful than that so read on to find out how to make heads turn even in conservative blouses.

Jacket Blouses

Headed somewhere cold? Try these celebrity approved jacket blouses, which make so much more sense for the weather. There is no point in picking something short and/or with an inventive back if it’s too cold for you to be without a shawl or sweater. You can drape the saree in a million different ways to make the look pop while still being toasty and most importantly chic. As everyone else hides under hideously mismatched layers you’ll be comfortably strutting around with pride.

Conservative Blouses | Jacket Blouses

Conservative Jacket Blouses

Peplum Blouses

An offshoot of jacket blouses that are also warm weather friendly, are peplum blouses. This fantastic style is not only super elegant but also ingenious for hiding that pooch you’ve been swearing you’ll get rid off circa 2005. For fitness fanatics who would’ve loved to show off those toned abs, wearing the blouse with a wide belt creates a funky waist cinched style that does the trick. 

Conservative Blouses | Peplum Blouses

Conservative Peplum Blouses

Cape Blouses

There isn’t a niftier hack that treads the line between conservative and contemporary with more poise than the cape blouse. Printed and embroidered cape blouses make sure you’re not flashing any skin while still looking utterly va-va-voom. If you’re itching to be a little bolder then translucent capes worn over strappy blouses create the best covered yet not covered illusion. 

Conservative Blouses | Cape Blouses

Conservative Cape Blouses

Creative Silhouettes

Whoever assumed that conservative blouses only came in dated cuts clearly never came across these creative silhouettes. Just because you can’t show skin doesn’t mean the designs can’t be just as jaw dropping. With strategically placed cut outs and stunning intricate embroideries, these contemporary blouse styles prove that conservative can be exceptionally sexy too.

Conservative Blouses | Creative Silhouettes

Creative Silhouettes For Conservative Blouses



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