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Of Concept Sarees - Stylish Thoughts
Of Concept Sarees
02 nd Oct 2013

We have recently seen a swathe of designers creating concept sarees. Intrigued, we delved deeper into the concept of concept sarees !

A Saree is one of the most iconic pieces of clothing from India, one that needs no introduction at all as representing India. There are very few other (none?) pieces of clothing that are representative of an entire country. With such a rich history and responsibility of representing the country, the re-invention of the Saree was bound to happen.

To make the Saree more contemporary and accessible to a younger audience, styling in general and specifically making the garment easy to wear is a pre-requisite. Some Indian designers have taken the lead in creating interesting concept sarees that are pre-draped. The pre-draping of the saree means that it is a style that can be easily worn by someone and they can be sure that the end result looks good!

The drape and the styling of the Saree are clearly more important than the embellishments on the Saree, a welcome departure from the heavily embellished sarees in the past. Of course this does not mean that the Sarees are plain, but it emphasises the silhouette and drape of the Saree much more than in the past. The pre-draping gives designers a lot of room for experimentation because they can be certain that the final look and fall of the Saree is in line with their vision and style.

Some interesting concept sarees that we have seen include,

Amit Aggarwal

We love the very unusual approach that the designer has taken to Sarees. The styling is in line with the designer's sensibilities that are very modern and eye-catching. To have translated this and captured in a Saree is absolutely amazing!

Indian Fashion Designers - Concept Sarees, Concept Saris, Amit Aggarwal

Tarun Tahiliani

The master of the drape, Tarun Tahiliani is one of the first few designers who created concept Sarees. The elegance and the designer's trademark styling are the key highlights for us. The play on drapes that are complemented by the detailing, are an absolute winning combination!

Indian Fashion Designers - Concept Sarees, Concept Saris, Tarun Tahiliani

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