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The Complete Indian Bridal Guide to Summer Dressing | Our Top Pick Trends For Summer Weddings
The Complete Indian Bridal Guide to Summer Dressing
20 th Jul 2015

What’s referred to as ‘wedding season’ in India often gets stretched on and on year after year with brave brides and grooms setting their big day dates not only throughout the spring but well into the sweltering summer. Since weddings in summer are pretty unusual in India, it is actually quite difficult to know what to wear to a summer wedding, weather you are the bride, groom, mother of the bride or even a guest. Preparation for such an event can be quite the challenge, and it’s not just all about the clothing!

While summer wedding season still guarantees all the joyous moments that Indian weddings always do, such as lots of dancing, traveling, and fun filled reunions with old friends and family, it also presents the problem of having to find multiple outfits, hairstyles and make-up looks for the multiple receptions, that will all be suitable for the heat.

But don’t worry; below we have plenty of tips, trends and suggestions that are sure to help you out of your summer wedding outfit conundrum!

Top Tips for the Bride:

Summer weddings are all about the large garden mehendis, and pretty open-air sangeets, and if you're one of the braver brides who are ready to party away despite the heat, then you're going to need a multitude of ensembles that are not only pretty but also light and easy to wear.

Our first tip of what to wear to a summer wedding is to keep your colours cool! Opt for hues like soft mint green, dusty rose and stark ivory. If you simply must go darker, then skip the traditional deep reds and heavy gold’s and swap for oranges, blues or pinks.

In terms of embellishment, the main tip would be less is more when it comes to your summer wedding outfit! A sprinkling of sequins, whether it’s simply on the hem of your lehenga or embellishment on the blouse, go for subtle amounts so the outfit isn’t too heavy.

And when it comes to your trousseau summer wedding outfit, never forget the power of a simple but stylish saree. When shopping for your summer wedding outfit, invest in garments that are as comfortable and lightweight as they are versatile. A lehenga will always grab eyes, but your wardrobe will forever be incomplete without the six-yard staple.

Trends, What to Wear to a Summer Wedding:

What to wear to a summer wedding isn’t just about dressing appropriately for the weather, but you also want to keep up with the trends, so here are our top pick trends for summer wedding outfit ideas:


Ashima Leena's recent collection showcased this summer's biggest bridal trend: multi-coloured summer wedding outfits. The days of the ombre obsession are now long gone, and in it’s place is bright contrasting colours in mixed complimentary tones. This summer wedding season will feature plenty of bright tones such as yellow, pink, and a variety of blues.

As well as bright colours, expect a blend of some soft pastels and metallics mixed together in layered silhouettes.

The Complete Indian Bridal Guide to Summer Dressing | Ashima Leena Runway

Gold Accents:

In the sweltering sun really heavy embellishment on your summer wedding outfit can be a nightmare, which is were this new trend will come in handy. Iika by Anaiika recently showcased a variety of soft pastel designs with glittery gold accents. This is a great way to have a bit of glitz and glamour in your outfit without it being to heavy and over the top. Silver was also seen at a lot at Lakme fashion week this year, but gold was extremely popular for the detailing and embroidery. Many summer wedding outfits, especially when it comes to the reception, are now featuring detailed gold or silver beading for subtle sparkle.

For the upcoming summer months, we predict that brides will follow this trend and opt for the brilliance of gold jewellery and detailing over heavy embellishment.

The Complete Indian Bridal Guide to Summer Dressing | Arpita Mehta

Pastels and Sheer:

For more summer wedding outfit ideas this upcoming summer, make your trousseau summer wedding outfit more modest and contemporary by toning down the colour scheme a few notches and opting for dreamy pastels and bright sunny neon’s rather than the ostentatious and traditional maroons and purples. A lighter colour will not just help you remain nice and cool on your big day but will also look beautiful against the bright sunshine. When it comes to what to wear to a summer wedding, a perfect combination would be to go for a shimmering sheer dress in a soft pastel shade – nothing else screams summer quite like that combination does. Go in for elegant and classy embellishments like Swarovski, or opt for subtle and glamorous sequins that will add a perfect touch of glitter to your summer wedding outfit.

The Complete Indian Bridal Guide to Summer Dressing | Kiran Uttam Ghosh Runway

Oversized Silhouettes:

Indian fashion designers’ love for XL and oversized silhouettes always comes out in force during the summer months, as they are both airy and comfortable to be worn in the heat. Oversized designs do not actually mean that you have to pick a size larger than you normally would. It’s all about the silhouettes, for example Indian inspired bridal dresses in boxy and floaty styles and shapes, such as stylish tunics over shararas or lehengas. Layering works great for this trend, think light and loose and you’ll be all set for your wedding in the sun!

The Complete Indian Bridal Guide to Summer Dressing | Gaurang Shah Runway

Neon Colours:

Neon’s are great colours to play around with in the hotter months as they just scream summer. Anushree Reddy showcased every woman’s summer dream with her recent collection; princess summer wedding outfits with lots of bright pinks and neon tones. Of course, summer is the perfect time for neon skirts and dresses with multiple bright tones running throughout an outfit. And this summer season, there is no rule saying that you can only pick one statement neon colour - so go all out with your selection and be the star of the show! For top summer wedding outfit ideas, both brides and guests can opt for bold and bright skirts and eye-catching hues to update their summer wedding wardrobes.

The Complete Indian Bridal Guide to Summer Dressing | Anushree Reddy Runway

Vibrant Prints:

Indian designers are renowned for elaborate prints like posh paisleys and pretty peacock feathers, and Neha Agrawal recently elaborated this with her silky, printed summer wedding collection. Whether it's geometric patterns, feminine florals, or animal motifs, prints are a great way to express yourself, and go best with light silky fabrics and fun bright colours. For a stylish summer wedding outfit idea, consider opting for a fun printed maxi skirt or a bright printed silk scarf for a statement day piece. This trend will suit more casual wedding ceremonies, such as outdoor lunches or showers.

Beach Wedding Tips:

What to wear to a summer wedding also includes beach friendly attire. This means a stylish swimsuit, a large pair of shades, a large brimmed summer hat and a light and floaty cover up.

In terms of swimwear, swimsuits in bright tropical prints with cute cut-outs are in this season and will certainty make you stand out from the crowd. Make sure that you choose and pack at least two swimsuits, so that you can vary your looks and alternate between them if needed.

In terms of beach cover-ups, you will definitely need a nice light kaftan to throw on over your swimwear at the beach or by the pool. We think that a beach kaftan should be in sunny bright colours like corals, making your beach look vibrant and striking.

The Complete Indian Bridal Guide to Summer Dressing | Pria Kataaria Puri Runway


Choosing a men’s summer wedding outfit can be tough, whether you are the father of the bride or a guest. Being the father of the bride to be is not just about the wedding preparations and over looking countless shopping trips as the ladies of the house obsess over the outfits and looks for the wedding. A daughter’s wedding is a momentous and joyous occasion in the life of a father and we believe that it’s very imported to select wisely when selecting what to wear to the summer wedding, whilst celebrating the daughter’s fabulous wedding.

Here are our top tips for choosing men’s summer wedding outfits for different ceremonies:


When selecting a men’s summer wedding outfit for a mehendi, Indian attire isn’t actually required for this event, but you can opts for a simple kurta with pyjama pants in light colours, or just regular and stylish straight leg pants. Kurtas are trendy and perfect for the hot summer months when teamed with simple loose fitted tops. Or if you want to go slightly smarter for your men’s summer wedding outfit, you could opt for a nice pair of smart pants and a button up in light and summery colours. Although maybe skip white for this event, as you don’t want someone to unintentionally get mehendi stains on your outfit!


For the Sangeet a great men’s summer wedding outfit choice is a simple kurta-pyjama with a duppata. Opt for light and breezy fabrics such as cottons or linen, as a sangeet is all about the dancing and in the heat of the summer you want to be able move freely and with ease without getting too hot.

Wedding Ceremony:

A men’s summer wedding outfit for the wedding ceremony is normally expected to be the traditional kurta pyjama set, and if you’re your going to be apart of the baraat, the fun dancing procession of the groom, then we recommended again to opt for something light and easy to wear. Nothing too detailed or heavy or with a lot of embellishment because there will certainty be a lot of dancing, and you also want all the focus to be on the groom and his summer wedding outfit.


Last but not least, the men’s summer wedding outfit for the reception is all about the suit! Wear your best colourful shirt with your chosen suit here. Try a stylish slim tie, unique print, quirky bowtie or something to make your men’s summer wedding outfit a little more unique and exciting than the traditional black and white suit combo!

Make-up and Hair Tips:

Last but not least for our summer wedding outfit ideas and tips is for hair and make-up.

Mineral and natural looking make-up has taken the bridal world over by storm, especially for Indian bridal make-up. This is perfect for summer weddings, as you don’t want to have a full face of heavy make-up melting away in the sun. In general minimal make-up is a lot better terms of its overall effect on the skin, as it also gives you a more glowing and  natural finish.

A ravishing and beautifully radiant bride is always the main focal point of any Indian wedding. As most of the Indian summer wedding outfits are in bold and bright colours with lot of gold, silver and glitter, the Indian bridal make-up looks have to be on par, so that the whole look is in sync and takes all the guests breath away.

In terms of hair to go with your summer wedding outfit, this summer season it’s all about up-do’s, meaning the hair can be tied up in a variety of creative ways using any hairstyle, with the use of pretty flowers or a hair jewel accessories. The South Indian bride often showcases an amazing braid hair-do with woven flowers and hair ornaments.

For a modern summer hair look you can also let your hair down with soft and natural curls. Long luscious hair extensions and a hint of colour within hair is also a great summer wedding outfit look.

In keeping with the summer bridal trend of creating a pretty aura and a natural glow to the bride’s skin, Indian bridal make-up has now moved away from heavily bronzed and bright flushed cheeks to a softer and more feminine look. The main trend that is popular this summer season is the highlighter glow worn on the cheeks in various shades of nude and pinks. So ditch the heavy browns and bronzers this season in favour of soft and pretty pinks!

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