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A Clutch for Every Occasion - A Trend You Must Grab!
12 th Nov 2015

We all love big bags. Roomy enough to even fit in a small pet, big bags give us the freedom to stuff just about anything in them while stepping out.

But as practical as they may be, have you ever considered how they look with say, a festive outfit or a glamorous party gown?

Big bags do not blend in easily with all outfits. On wearing them with certain outfits, big bags can stick out like a sore thumb and turn out to be complete deal-breakers! This is where Indian clutch bags come into picture. They come in a variety of materials with myriad embellishments and are compact enough to be held in the hand. Dainty and elegant, they look classy when paired with dressy outfits. Clutches with embellishments can also be worn with simple outfits in order to dress them up and have been a favourite with fashionistas season after season. So what makes them tick?

They are extremely versatile   

Depending on the material they are made out of and the embellishments they sport, Indian clutch bags can be paired with both traditional and western outfits and worn for just about any occasion. The same clutch can be worn with different outfits with varying impact.

A black clutch bag in silk or linen with minimal embellishments can be used for work or formal occasions. A multicolour beaded clutch bag can add a pop of colour to any plain outfit or complement a colourful outfit as well. A golden clutch bag with sequins can enhance the extravagance of your wedding outfit. The same clutch can be worn with a simple tunic to dress it up with some bling! So you see, whether it is skinny jeans or a gorgeous evening gown, the clutch will work its magic.

They transform the way you look

Picture a woman in a gorgeous gown and a handbag and contrast her with another woman in the same gown and a clutch bag? No prizes for guessing as to who looks more sophisticated and elegant!

They are handy

At parties and gatherings when all that you need is your phone, some cash and your keys, why spoil your style with a big handbag? Simply carry a beaded clutch bag that will take care of both utility and style!

They come in a variety of styles and shapes 

The first thing that we look for while buying anything is the number of options that we have to choose from. Ranging from small box clutches to larger envelope clutches in materials like cotton, silk and brocade with embellishments like zari, zardosi or sequin work, the options in Indian clutch bags are aplenty. You can choose a clutch that works best for you depending on the occasion that you need the clutch for and the dress you are wearing.

Having seen as to why clutches are so popular, let us show you some popular styles and tell you how you can incorporate them in to your day to day look. We will take you through some gorgeous clutches by The Purple Sack that we have on offer. 

Styling Tips

Before we delve into the Indian clutch bags that we have on offer, here are a few pointers to remember while styling them:

  • Don’t look at matching your clutch with your outfit all the time. Contrast works well too!
  • A nude clutch bag and a black clutch bag are basics that every woman must have in her collection. Choose them in styles that will make them suitable for both work and casual outings all year round.
  • Beaded clutch bags and Indian clutch bags with sequins are just what you need to make your festive outfits more special. But if your outfit already has an overdose of colours or sequins, then a similar clutch will end up making the look too loud. So know where to draw the line when it comes to styling with Indian clutch bags.
  • Clutches look good only when they hold items appropriate to their size. There is nothing more unsightly than an overstuffed clutch. So if you are looking to buy one, then consider the contents that it will hold and pick a size that fits your requirements.
  • A clutch with a sling is a lifesaver during occasions when you can’t hold the clutch. If wearing a sling is not your personal style, then you can even detach the sling or stuff it into the clutch and hold the bag in your hand. 

Now allow us to tempt you with these beautiful Indian clutch bags by The Purple Sack.

Festive Pink Beaded Clutch Bag


Festive Pink Zink Clutch From Strand of Silk | A Clutch for Every Occasion - A Trend You Must Grab!

Think wedding and festive wear and you will be able to picture vibrant colours, dazzling lights and lots of bling.Beaded clutch bags are just what you need with such outfits to up the ante. This pink clutch bag from The Purple Sack is adorned with beads, zardosi embroidery and mirror work. It can complement your festive finery beautifully and give you an enviable look that will make a statement this festive season.

Embroidered Nude Clutch Bag


Gold Fiesta Clutch From Strand of Silk | A Clutch for Every Occasion - A Trend You Must Grab!

Nude clutches with golden accents are versatile in that they can be paired with just about any dressy outfit - be it traditional or modern. An Indian clutch bag in beige raw silk with golden embroidery or sequin work is just what you need to perk up your festive wear. This embroidered nude clutch bag from The Purple Sack is what we recommend if you are looking for an understated colour. It will not only add a touch of glamour to your look but also lend is a timeless elegance that is unparalleled.

Sequinned Black Clutch Bag


Stylish Sequined Black Clutch | A Clutch for Every Occasion - A Trend You Must Grab!

The colour black is not generally favoured for wedding or traditional clothes. But what’s stopping you from adding a touch of sophistication to your look via black accessories? This black clutch bag by The Purple Sack is the solution to all your accessorising confusions. With striking golden sequin work that stands out against the black, this clutch is so versatile that it can be worn with both traditional and formal outfits. While this clutch will blend seamlessly with an anarkali or a saree, it will stand out and become the focal point if you are pairing it with a shirt and trousers or even a formal dress.

Orange Envelope Clutch Bag


Orange Envelope Clutch From Strand of Silk | A Clutch for Every Occasion - A Trend You Must Grab!

If you want to add a pop of colour via your accessories, then ditch the nude clutch bags and black clutch bags and go for something vibrant like this orange envelope clutch by The Purple Sack. With brilliant butterfly motifs and a classy envelope design, this clutch offers you an impeccable look when paired with summer dresses, skirts or other casual outfits.

Clutches are versatile accessories that enhance the femininity of your look. In fact, we cannot think of accessories that are as utilitarian as clutches that also have the kind of impact on the overall look as clutches. Whether you use them during the day or the night, they will only add to the beauty of the ensemble. So go ahead and bag some clutches right away to make a statement and make heads turn every time you step out.

Image credit: roxworld, strandofsilk


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