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Katy Graham, Lady Gaga and Alexandra Burke | CELEBRITIES CHOSE INDIAN DESIGNERS
11 th May 2012

Intriguing seems to be the keyword when it comes to this Indian Fashion Designer Duo - More like Fashion Creator Duo. With designs that constantly appear on headlines, this pair have taken design to a jaw-dropping extreme. Tracked down by Lady Gaga's stylist following a sparkling show of Alexandra Burke and Katy Graham during a Avengers red carpet event. Need we say more?

In all instances dresses were fitted - only imaginable to be perfect on a made to measure basis; would be a miracle to get a perfectly fitting sculpted wood or acrylic corset off the peg. More so, no matter what is picked up designer wise, the art of wearing is the art of styling it together, which has been very well proven by Lady Gaga herself.

Teaming the dress with her signature high heels, white-rimmed sunglasses, white leather gloves and a huge headgear, which, according to Alpana, complemented the dress really well. "She adapted the dress to her own style, and it looked great on her," she said. The outfit caught the attention of international fashion observers as well.

Lesson of the day, don't just wear something because that's how it looked like on the model. Mix and match to make the style ultimately yours. But the tricky part is getting that style just right; Hint, Personality is key to your mix and match decisions.

More about the brand: "The ALPANANEERAJ label made its runway debut in 2008 at the Wills lifestyle India Fashion Week. Both Alpana and Neeraj graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology in India, after winning several awards for their graduate collections. Alpana won the Swarovski Most Creative Collection of the Year award, as well as the Best Design Collection Confluence award, while Neeraj won the Best Womenswear Collection award. Shortly after their debut show the duo were invited to show at the tenth anniversary of Miami Fashion Week, and one year later they were invited by Camera Della Moda to showcase on ramp at the Milan Fashion Week alongside the likes of Armani, Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana."



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